Kickin it old school

Home alone today enjoying the silence. Feeling accomplished I made it to the gym for Cardio Variety Class @ 8am on a Saturday; Frank Sinatra was able to pick our daughter up. Frank is his new nickname, if anyone has spent any time on TikTok you may be able to figure out why I call him that.  I will just tell you. I was shopping at Marcs with me bestie and I was like we need a new name for him. I will never talk poorly about him around any of the children, but sometimes I am in my feelings, and I need to vent.

My bestie was like how about Frank? A few days later I was feeling down so I got on TikTok for a laugh. This woman gets on and is talking about her mother-in-law. The mother-in-law apparently has a UTI and yeast infection, news to me, these happen to cause altered mental status in the elderly. This woman comes out to the breakfast table and her mother-in-law has Frank Sinatra chillin on the breakfast table to take to the doctor for a second opinion. The woman told her she thought that is why she had the infection and UTI. Frank is her vibrator which is apparently old, broken and barely holding it together with some Duck Tape.

I instantly started laughing and I thought about my ex. He is old, broke and barely holding it together. He needs some Duck Tape. If you mess around with him, you may end up with a possible infection or altered mental status lol. I know I am not right. I got all clear from the doctor, I am free from any infections, and I am still working on my mental status. I know she is an asshole, but I love her. When I referred to him as Frank Sinatra in front of my 70 + year old nanny and she told me Franks nicknamed Old Blue Eyes, it just has to be.

I must go do the adulting now. I hope everyone is having fun falling down the rabbit hole with me.


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