Never The One

I’ve often wonder why has it happened to me. Why if I’m loyal, respectful, organized, successful, with a great career and amazing personality, why was I Never The One. In my lifetime I have confessed 4 times my feelings. I was not accepted.

Did I read bad the signals? or did I make them all up?

Being excited in the moment, anxious, nervous, heart pounding 1,000,000 beats per minute. To confess and getting turned down. It was a sensation like no other.

I believe in love, in caring, showing how important the other person is. I guess my feelings were all over the place and thought because I was getting attention that could lead to a relationship.

It’s taken me a looooong time. Self reflecting. Loving myself with my ups and down to understand that it’s ok to be single and to NOT BEING THE ONE.

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