What title???

Hey beautiful people, what’s new? Today is Caturday or Saturdog if you will. I do my computer maintenance today. Anti-virus scan, defrag, and creating a system restore potent. 😀 I may spend the day outside either walking about or just hanging out in the backyard. Either or baby.. 🙂 I might get my phone out and take pictures. I use my tablet too… but recently, I am having trouble discerning which cable belongs to what, bc I have two androids. (Don’t ask) … I gave my iPad to my big sister @juliebear. I have a 7″ and a 10″ tablet. Both Amazon Fires.

I’m sure my mother would agree when I say that I collect tech like others collect… oh idk but you get the gist non? 

If you don’t have a subscription to OD, I have Prosebox and Dreamwidth… so, yeah. 🙂




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May 8, 2021

Yes you have tech!!

@novembercirese Guilty as charged.