Twenty (+ cat pics)

I saw this on the DMs page and I agree, looks like fun so here in all of their glory, are twenty random facts about me

  1. I absolutely love my job
  2. I like to wear socks that dont match, If i see a matched pair, ill put them on until I lose one.
  3. I dont watch a lot of TV in favor of Audiobooks or music, though there are times where Ill binge a show until its over.
  4. I love heist movies, I think Im gonna go see Widows this weekend
  5. Have I told you I’m obsessed with audiobooks?  Upwards of 80 hours a month, and I think thats a moderate estimate.
  6. I love cats, I have a new kitten and he is just absolutely the bees knees!  I should share a picture of him 🙂 He just loves sleepin.

  7. I have a healthy/ unhealthy love for Rick & Morty
  8. My favorite colors are orange and purple
  9.  I do NOT like eggs. They are disgusting.
  10. I am interested in mycology even though I dont really eat mushrooms.  Id like to try to find some I DO like, but mostly I just want to grow them
  11. I have a green ass thumb, thanks to my Momma.  I love plants and gardening, but I cant do that in an apt.
  12. I belong in the mountains. I cant express how much.
  13. I practice witchcraft and believe in magic
  14. I live in the deepest of deep southy southness.  Its hot as fuck all year long with the exception of maybe a month.
  15.  I like to veganize things.  I made an old family cookie recipe for TG vegan.  they were an enormous hit
  16. If you like hummus and you had my hummus, you wold be ruined forever. No other hummus would ever compare. I’m not sorry either.
  17. I love trivia, I will trivia any time, any place.  Try me
  18. I definitely subscribe to a lot of new age philosophies and practices.  Im going to take up yoga soon

Thank you for looking at pics of my adorable kitty cat 🙂

Have a wonderful day!

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November 26, 2018

cute  cats

November 26, 2018

cute pictures…..