MRI, TTC, HESI, & other acronyms.

I had my MRI this morning, but dont know the results yet. I’m hoping to call after Micro today and find out, because I can’t see the chiro until tomorrow. I am so anxious to find out whats wrong and start a treatment plan.

Im in the hot zone so to speak for TTC this month. hoping me and paul will get a chance to get together a few times from now through the weekend. He is ready and wants this baby just like I do. He does get nervous sometimes but we know this is right for us. We feel so much love these days. our family is so strong. I am so proud of him for how far he’s come.

My mirco professor hates my guts. He asked for written critiques of the class, so i gave him one. it wasnt rude at all. But now he thinks i am crazy. He spent half a lecture defending himself to the whole class against my critique. it was suposed to be anon but he knew it was me (didnt mention me to the class but some people knew). I just went and asked him some questions about all these bacteria and diseases we are suposed to memorize and he was still super defensive. He thinks im critisizing the class whenever i ask questions about the material. Whatever.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ UPDATE, EDIT

I got the results of my MRI. No herniation! There were 3 findings: Bulging disc a L4-5, levoscoliosis, and lumber straightening indicating muscle spasm. My chiropractor said my results are indicative of my pain, and it is treatable, and I should see a 50% reduction in pain after 2 weeks of intesive treatment/therapy. I feel a difference after the first day. My pain is not reduced, but im not as uncomfortable and out of whack. I am NOW, after doing a bunch of cleaning up, Lucy’s bath, and rocking her in that god awful chair for 20 minutes…but thats to be expected. throughout the day though I’ve felt more comfortable and more in alignment. My hip pain has been better. I also have tensor fasciitis. Ive dealt with that for years, but its been worse with my bulging disc and all the driving I do now for school. I am just glad its nothing major and I can get help, and feel better soon. After a couple months I should be feeling pretty much all better. IF i take care of my back, take the vitamin supplements i was given, exercise, stretch every day, and stop lifting Lucy all funky and weird. I need to baby my body in that way. No slouching, being careful how my seat is adjusted in the car, etc.

As far as TTC, I’m pretty sure based on my symptoms that I ovulate/d yesterday, today, or maybe tomorrow. Last time it was cycle day 16 for a few months in a row i think. But I guess 14 is the norm, and since having one baby maybe my body has a new normal, and is more regulated. I felt like it was O time yesterday and today with cramps and EWCM and that heavy feeling in my lower stomach- its always pretty uncomfortable for me actually and I remember talking to my doctor about it when I was younger. He said pain with ovulation is normal for some women and stronger for others. Luckily, we were able to sneak some sex in this morning before Lucy got up. I feel like we stand a good chance at concieving this cycle now. If I didnt actually O yet and I do on CD 16, well then…hopefully we can get some more booty in tomorrow or Saturday. But its always a little tough! Paul either gets up before me and runs or fishes, then I leave, and dont see him until he gets home from work at 10pm. Unless he is off. We have never normally had sex at night after he gets off work because its just not the right time…we’re both chilling on the couch after a long day, etc….we did this week though, out of nowhere, but we’ve been cuddling so much lately and so touchy feely with eachother , which is nice, and occasionally its led to more unexpected sex that we didnt used to have! Cant complain.

Honestly I think the perfect amount of sex for me would be every other day, or every 2 days. Maybe i need that to feel secure? Probably. Or just feel connected. I feel like im taking care of everything, and everybody, all the time, rushing around- it feels nice to go slow and connect with another human on that level, especially my husband of course, becuase its reassuring. But we will never be having sex more than twice a week I doubt! And thats fine- twice a week is fine- I’ve also noticed that the more often we have been having it, the more likely the chance that it could be hum-drum and boring and completely uninspired. I dont want that either. The sex we had this morning was kind of like, just to get the job done because I was ovulating, and he was so tired and just wanted to sleep, but also wanted to have sex, so we did it, but it wasnt anything to write home about thats for sure. I wouldnt want to be having sex often if it was going to make more of it turn out THAT way. Once a week is probably the better amount and probably would be great everytime. And thats our normal patten. But sometimes once a week isnt good enough for me and I defintely wish we could have more. I sound pathetic. Or skanky. haha.

So fingers crossed that this cycle is the ticket for baby #2! I am so excited but now that its really hit me, im definitely nervous about caring for 2 babies. yikes. Life with 2… sure it wont be easy! Cant wait for my parents to get down here so i feel like I have some support.

Im getting such kick ass grades its almost absurd. I got the highest score on my last mirco test. He wrote on there, best in the class. Its so weird that it would be me. Its always been me since I started last semester and im not used to it. I always think im going to be somewhere in the middle like ive always been in the past. And then when I come out on top, i just cant believe it! Still! But I was thinking today- im just on fire with score. Im just so on fire. I cant be beat. I start to think im going to be beat, but then i always pull out on top. Its fucking crazy. I got a 96 on that damn standardized test. I wrote about that before. The HESI. The national average is in the 70’s and i pulled a 96 on my first try. I took the thing once, thinking i would have to take it again so i wanted to see what was on it. And I got a 96. I still cant believe that. I thought it was the easiest standardized test ive ever taken. The SAT’s are probably much harder. And yet everyone i talk to is taking it multiple times just trying to get a high B. EVery single person i’ve met. No one has gotten as high a score. Even people i talk to who tell me about other people that i dont know. Still havent heard of a 96. How this is me…i have no clue.


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February 28, 2013

Wow!! You are certainly blessed! So happy for guys deserve all the happiness & good news! Glad to hear that the back pain will be reduced for you! Take care of yourself. Keeping fingers crossed for baby #2. what an exciting time for u!!

February 28, 2013

excellent work on school, and how fun to celebrate your accomplishments. speaking of abbreviations, there’s a ton here. heh. good luck this cycle. 🙂 ryn: it’s possible ivf costs are very different by region, and it’s also possible your friend has some sort of health coverage maybe, I’ve never heard of it costing so low in the US. that’s far, far below average which is $10.000.

March 1, 2013

RYN: Oh, wow yea. I just used the Note History feature and see notes from 2010. Wow!

March 1, 2013

Glad you are keeping your grades up. also glad you got some answers as to what was wrong. Things all seem to be looking up for you! I am happy for you !

March 3, 2013

RYn: my ring is from kay jewlers

March 5, 2013

ryn: Things with the husband have been going down hill for a couple years now. Its both of us that are the issue really. It started with him checking out of our lives, he would just come home and play video games or sit on his computer for hours and ignore me and ignore the kids. I tried to bring him back into our life for a while but got tired of trying and getting nothing in return so then I started living my own life. And after a year of that we ended up like room mates who share a bed. And then he decided to deploy for 9 months without talking to me about it first so all our issues were multiplied tenfold by that. I have been depressed before… this isn’t the same. It doesn’t feel the same. I am more lonely then depressed.

March 9, 2013

I’m so happy for you! Everything seems really great! I’m glad you and Paul are on the same page regarding baby number 2! Sounds like school is going great! And you and Paul are doing great! Such a big change from such a short time ago.