Friday 10/14/22

4:45am The aidrs put me to bed after 11:pp and gote up at 4:30. I couldn’t sleep at first My roommate was screwing his fool head off. I ended up calling the front desk. After the aide calmed nom down I went right to sleep. 

I had a couple nice aides. They got me cleaned up and changed my briefs. With your help I was able to get into my chair by standing up. I don’t know if I can stay up but I am in my wheelchair. I’m blessed with another day,

I actually feel kind of cheerful. I wish had some coffee but that will have to wait until breakfast. That won’t be for at least two hrs Going without coffee ois what I hate the most about getting up so early. Oh well if this is my only problem I am truly blessed.

6:06 a.m. I saw the messages chocolate chip left me last night. I’m kind of upset. She was mad at me because I didn’t respond to her messages or answer her call at 7:30.  She said she was not going to message with her and then I was not on the level with her about a lot of things. This is not true and  that’s why I’m upset.  

I tried calling her but she is still asleep. I asked her to call me back but there but this is a problem. I can’t hear the damn phone ring. My tablet will not let me leave messages on messenger. Communication to us is difficult because the faulty equipment. It is frustrating because the only way we can communicate and if I call her and she answer the phone. But she is sleeping or not talking at all.

She was supposed to attend that Zoom meeting from 7:00 to 8:00. In the meantime I turn the tablet off and was using the Kindle. I didn’t know she left early because of technical issues. I called her at 8:00. We had nice but brief conversation. Nothing was said about the messages. She was pretty tired so she went to bed. I thought everything was fine until I saw those messages this morning.

The last thing I need is trouble in Paradise. I hope this latest misunderstanding will not lead to a breakup. Chocolate chip is all I have. I love her with my heart and soul. I hope we can clear this matter up. I hate these misunderstandings. 

12:48 I slept most of the morning away .  I managed to good things straighten out chocolate chip . Then I fell asleep slept for about an hour woke up for a few minutes then went back to bed for about mine for about an hour. So it has been an up and down the morning. I wasn’t fully awake until they served coffee for lunch. I had two cups of hot coffee and an orange drink. 

I had a good lunch consisting of  baked fish, broccoli, red bliss potatoes and a spice cake. I also had s diner roll. Lunch was good and I ate it all I feel a lot better after coffee and good food. I hope I can stay up and read my book this afternoon. 

3:07pm I found out that my Credit One account had been temporarily suspended.  I was trying to log into it but it wouldn’t let me. It wouldn’t accept my username or password. I had to change my password and then when I tried to login I said the account has been suspended.

I called customer service. As usual I could not understand that because they were foreign. I don’t think I got anything resolved . But I agreed to make a $175 payments on November 3rd this is when. I guess I could use my account then I hope so.

I had a laid back afternoon. I tried to read but I just couldn’t get into my books. I looked at books on my Kindle  I added all ten volumes I will Durant the story of civilization. I read three of these books and the whole series is another favorite of mine. I’d like to finish all of them before I go 

I was a little bit anxious this afternoon. I was worried about finances and my credit card debts. The more I think about it more it does not seem like a good idea to buy a tablet next month. What’s the problem with the credit card it seems I might not be able to buy any books 

Besides that I’ve been working about how much to pay each card. I think I can only afford the minimum balance of $92 for Capital One. The rest will go to the second card. This will be $175. I hope I can use the card to pay for a New York Times. I’d like to keep that going because I got a lot of enjoyment out of it.

I got to tell myself there is  no use in worrying. It will not change the outcome one bit. Worrying will only make me sick. But this will roll around in my head until the third of November. I can’t help myself. 

I talked to chocolate chip. She is doing better. Chocolate Chip said she paid somebody to go to Gumby’s to get cigars. I was glad because she does not have to make the long walk from Gumby’s to the bus stop. Also she was having problems with one of the receptionists at a doctor’s office. But she got that straightened out Her financial situation is good even after paying for that TV. Chocolate chip said she has $100 after all expenses I’m glad things are looking good for her. 

5:01pm I got the problem with the credit card straightened out. I had to get help because the letters on the keyboard are too small for my fat fingers but the job is done and that is one less worry. I also have my finances for November figured out  it looks like I can buy four or five books after all. That should be enough to satisfy my book addiction. Things are looking good. 

I hope I can settle myself down tonight so I can read. I want to finish chapter 8 the rumble of discontent my book Freedom from Fear. I am awake and there is nothing bothering me. I should be able to finish this reading goal.

I had a good afternoon today. I got caught up in my sleep this morning. I feel refreshed. My mood is stable. I’m not experiencing any pain. I got good care today. I think I got changed two or three times today. But that was enough. 

9:07pm I had chicken and dumplings, a tossed salad, a dinner roll and an orange for dessert. I’m not all that crazy about how they fix their chicken and dumplings. But I ate them anyway .I did not complain. I had two cups of hot coffee so that was good. 

I called chocolate chip after supper. We talked for about an hour. This is bingo night but chocolate chip didn’t feel like going. She was still sick with bronchitis I didn’t want to give that to anyone else. She also talked about how someone went to the store for to get cigars. He didn’t charge her gas money. She said he stopped by around supper time . So she got her cigars. I guess there are some nice people in that building after all. 

I talked to her until 7:00. I started to read chapter 8 for the evening  I read for about 2 hours and finished the chapter . I’m making slow progress in that book because I want to learn about Roosevelt l,the Great Depression and WWII I think these are very interestins times on our history

It is now 9:30. I’ve been in my wheelchair for 17 hours. The aides offered to put me to bed for a little bit in the afternoon. I just don’t like that darn bed. I’d rather stay in my chair all day hopefully to get tired enough to sleep at night. But I still feel wide awake and feel like starting the next chapter 


























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