Friday 5/26/23

10:26a.m. I’m above the dirt. I had a good night. I was put to bed at 11:30. I slept with minimum arthritis pain and no weird dreams. The aides got me out of bed at 5:20. I slept in my wheelchair until they served breakfast. I had biscuit with gravy and scrambled eggs. I guess thi was a typical morning in the nursing home.

I talked with Chocolatechip. She was in good spirits. She said nobody bothered her last night. I guess the harrasment stoppedj since they installed cameras on the floors. Chocolatechip said the washers and dryers are broken. She had a bag of wet laundry that needs dried. In short Chocolatechip is having a good 

I made it to the coffee social. Nurse who took me down said I need to start taking myself down I’m getting too lazy.  The Fiesta Room is a ways down. I’m carrying my tablets with me so it is hard to navigate the wheelchair. I’m afraid to leave them in my room for fear they might be stolen.

I am in a pretty good mood this morning. I had a good night’s sleep. I had a delicious breakfast.  Arthritis pain is at a minimum.. I am getting decent care. Best part is I’m blessed withi another day.

7:56p.m. I had a good lunch. They served meatloaf, noodles, grean beans and a fruit cup. I got help in getting back to my room. An aide pushed me down to the nurse’s station.  got myself back from there. It was a bit difficult but I didn’t have too far to go.

I called Chocolatechip. We talked for a few minutes. She was having a good day. But the washers and dryers have not been fixed. She talked about finances. Said money is very tight. Chocolatechip is setting aside more money for laundry. We were going on how crazy expensive everything is getting. We talked about how their might not be bus service because Weirton Transit is broke. We talked briefly because she wanted to watch the Mid Day News on Channel 9.

I read some more of my book Simply Lies.. I’m proud of myself because I didn’t sleep during the day. I did a lot of reading this afternoon. I’m almost finished with it. I have about forty pages to go  it was a very good story. I highly recommend it

i got very, very sore this afternoon from sitting in my wheelchair all day.  The damned hoyer pad was rubbing against the sore spot on my thighs . It hurt like hell. Finially I couldn’t take it any longer. It took all afternoon to get assistance but the aides finially came around. I’ve been in bed since then.

I didn’t eat much of a supper. I was bloated from lunch. I had two fish sandwiches, a glass of chocolate milk and a cup of vanilla ice cream. I became even more sick from being bloated. Anyway I ate supper Then I talked with Chocolatechip  we talked until she went to bed.

I read my book for about an hour. I tried to finish it today. But I’ve pretty tired and want to sleep.











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May 27, 2023

You’re a trooper.  Chronic pain is the absolute pits x