Friday 9/23/22

4:56am I had a good night’s sleep for a change. The aides letgo me stay up untill 11:00. Arthritis pain was minimal and I had a few incontinence episodes. I slept through most of the night. Aides got me out of bed by 4:30

I talked  with Chocolatechip. She was telling me this new couple is bringing in a pit bull after staff leaves. She saw the dog. Chocolatechip said she was afraid of leaving her apartment. Her caregiver talked with the lady in the office. Pit bulls are not allo we’d in the building. Next time that happens note the date and time then call the cops. 

Other than that Chocolatechip had a good day yesterday. Her oldest daughter that took her out and to get a hair cut. After that they went to McDonalds for breakfast. She said she ran into Doug. He was not very friendly. I said you should be glad he is out of your life. 

From McDs they went to Walmart. Chocolatechip picked up a few grocery items. Then they went home.  Other than the run in with Doug and the pit bull she had a good day.

I’m fine this morning. I’m sitting in my wheelchair waiting for coffee. It’s 5:30 now. I have at least an hours wait before coffee and breakfast. 

7:49am I had a two slices of French toast, scrambled eggs, hot cereal plus two coffees and an orange juice for breakfast. I’m fully awake now thanks to good food and a caffeine fix.

I did a lot reading before breakfadt. I’m proud of myself because I usually go back to sleep sleep. Instead I read most of chapter three in my book The Republic for Which it Stands This chapter was about the development of the West during the reconstruction period.

I also talked wiit Chocolatechip after I ate. She is ok this morning. We talked about different subjects. At one point we were talking about my time at OT. George, the Director said she had more patience e with me than he did. I said I lived there over twenty years years. They could have gotten rid of me anytime. I  don’t know, I guess I really was a screw up.

Chocolatechip said she is not going to Bingo tonight for fear of the pit bull. She said that if she runs into that dog on the elevator.Instead, she is going to take the cookies she baked to the Community Room at 8:30. Staff is working by then the pit bull gone for the day.

Nex Friday  I get my SSI check, all $112.00. I’m going to make a Capital One payment of that amount and buy a few books and leave the rest for Amazon subscriptions .I have the New York Times for $19.99.Kindle Unlimited for $9.99. Audible for $15.99 Total is $45.97.

I plan on buying a few books as well. First, The Boys from Biloxi by John Grisham for $14.99. Then The Divider: Trump in the White House for $14.99. Then Landslide: The Final Days of the Trump Presidency by Michael Wolf for $20.48. Total cost is $50.46. I can’t wait. 

12:48pm I did pretty good in physical therapy. I did the usual routine. It lasted about thirty minutes. I chilled out afterwards. Then we I called Chocolatechip. She changed her mind about bingo. I’m glad she decided to go.

I fell asleep in my wheelchair for awhile. PT makes me tired. I slept on and  off until lunch. I had two chicken breasts, potatoes wedges and carrots. Coffer was lukewarm but I drank it  anyways. 

I have nothing uneventful or exciting to report. This is just another day in the nursing home. I did end up missing Chocolatechip and OT. I never thought I would miss that place but this morning I wished I was back home hanging with my girlfriend.

I got a bit homesick and depressed. I was talking to Chocolatechip today about getting back to OT or living on my own. I said I do not think I’ll ever live on my own again. I have too many psych and physical problems.

Chocolatechip seems to agree. I would need round the clock care. I can’t afford round the clock care so it is the nursing  home. For nursing homes this place isn’t so bad but it is not home I missed home this morning and I got very depressed

I’m ok now. Depression passed. I kept telling myself there are guys in who have it worse. The other  day I saw a man with no legs.Here I am bitching about how bad my legs hurt. At least I have legs. It just goes to show you: No matter how bad you think you have it, there is always someone worse off.

Always remember:

  1. I am in a clean and safe environment.
  2. I get three good meals a day.
  3. I have insurance that pays for meds and most of the cost of the nursing home
  4. I get good care most of the time
  5. I have a wonderful girlfriend in Chocolatechip.
  6. I have phone, Internet and cable
  7. I have this tablet and plenty of books to read. 
  8. I have an SSI and SS check
  9. My mind is still functioning.

I have a lot of good things going for me. Life really is good. 

 5:08pm. I talked a lot with Chocolatechip.  She changed her mind again. Chocolatechip is not going to Bingo. In fact she is not leaving her apartment all weekend. She is afraid of that gd pit bull. I can’t say as I blame her. 

I had a pretty good afternoon. Pain was minimal. I didn’t have too many incontinence episodes. I worked myself out of a mild bout of depression. I got a little tired and slept for awhile. I was up when they served the dinner drinks. Coffee was lukewarm again but I drank it anyway. I’m bright and eyed and bushy tailed and ready to tackle my book after supper.

I’m going to have a good meal. They are serving three cheese pizza, tossed salad and a fruit cup for desert. Pizza is my all time favorite meal. I can eat pizza seven days a week. I’m one happy camper.

10:44pm I talked to Chocolatechip on Messenger after supper. We talked for about thirty minutes. She said she found out who is bringing in the pit bulls. She told George. I guess they can’t  do anything until the couple is caught in the act. She said it sucked that she has to live in fear of leaving her apartment for fear of  the pit bull. Chocolatechip wasn’t too happy this evening. But we talked until her bedtime at 6:30.  

 I read my book The Republic for Which it Stands: The United States During Reconstruction and the Gelded Age 1865-1896. I read this book before but am enjoying a second read. The author, Richard White, discusses every aspect of that period in American history. Material I ready was so interesting I read/ listened to it for over three hours. Needless to say I had a very relaxing evening.

It is now 11:00. I can stay up a lot longer but the aide wants to put me to bed. She asked if I was ready for bed. I said I could stay up a bit longer. I wouldn’t mind staying up all night reading but that wouldn’t go over very well. 

I’ve been in this wheelchair since 4:30am. That is a little over 18 hrs. For some reason they didn’t make me get in bed this afternoon. I don’t know why. I still have sores on my butt. I know that staying in my wheelchair almost 24 hours doesn’t help. I don’t understand this place. But mine is not to reason why.













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