Monday 8/1/22

5:31am I had a lousy night thanks to the usual suspects, arthritis pain and incontinence episodes. Pain was at a four on my one to five scale. Then I peed on the hour every hour. An aide came in once to change me at 12:30.  I rang my call light several times for help but nobody came. So I was in excruciating pain and laid in my own urine most of the night. I was so glad to see an aide who came in ten minutes ago. She changed me, got me in a clean gown and into my wheelchair.

So I survived  a hellish night. I’m alive and above the dirt. This is the first of August I will be getting my SS check in two days. I made up a book list I want to buy for August lat Wednesday. I’m going t ct back on books.. Authors I’m definitely getting on the third are Gordon S Wood, Akhil Reed Amar and Ron Chernow. This makes nine books in all and it should be  ore than enough. Still, I can’t wait to get my check, spend money and be broke again.

Chocolatechip called early when I was still in bed. We talked for awhile she was telling me that Tony Dow died. He was a child actor from Leave it to Beaver. Used to watch this show all the time when I was a kid. It was on from the late fifety’s to ealry sixties I think Tony played Walley, the Beaver’s older brother.  Tony Dow was 77 when he died. I felt kind of sad because this was a big part of my long ago childhood.

We also talked about her plans for the day She is going to the bank  to get her check and Walmart late in the afternoon. Her daughter Theresa is taking her. She plans on taking the 7:45 bus to First Choice. First Choice opens at 8:30 Chocolatechip will have to wait but she wants plenty of time to do her business and get the next bus home.

We also talked about books. She asked if I’m going to buy books on the third. I was saying buying books is starting to lose it’s appeal. Most of the books I’m thinking about buying I’ve already read before. There is nothing wrong in reading a book a second or even a third time. But to buy the same thing over again when I already have a copy is just plain stupid. I told her I just don’t want to go back to using my B&N Nook app.

We had a nice conversation. Then she had to go and get ready. I’m still in my chair waiting for coffee and breakfast.



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