Saturday 6/18/22

11:30am I had a  nice aide who put me into bed at 10:30 last night. I slept fairly well. I had some nightmares.I remember waking up screaming a couple times. I remember my roommate yelling at me to be quiet.But I do not remember the actual dream. This is for the best.

Anyways aides woke me up t around five.  I was in my chair by5;30. I was pretty miserable. Arthritis was very bad this morning. Again the pain level was up to a five on a one to five scale? I was also pretty tired. I dozed on and off in my wheelchair until breakfast fast. I had a coffee cake, scrambled eggs a d oatmeal.The coffee was nice and hot. I also had some oj.

I had a miserable morning? Arthritis was very bad. I was so tired. I slept most of the morning. I also talked to Chocolatechip. She was having a good Temperature was a lot cooler. She said she was going to a rummage sale at the Grace Lutheran Church ion West Street. She did go. She called when she got back. She said she had a good time and bought a few things. I was glad she got out of the building.

Well. drinks for lunch are here. I hope the coffee is hot and it perks me up.

4:02pm I had a good lunch. It consisted of pork. Potatoes, broccoli, strawberry cake, hot coffee and juice. It did not perk me up. I slept most of the afternoon. Arthritis still bothered me I felt sorr so tired and sluggishness h. I guess sleep was good because it provided an escape from the pain.

I did not read today. I just couldn’t get into my book or the paper. I hate days when I do not read. It is not good for my mental health. I start thinking about the past and ruminating over unpleasant events. It is very difficult to refute these thoughts and I remain in a depressed state for hours. Reading keeps my mind occupied and I do not get like this.

Maybe supper will cheer me up. According to the menu, they are serving vegetable soup. Turkey club sandwich,pasta salad and mandarin oranges. I hope Isupper will pick me up so I can read the paper tonight. Reading the New York Times makes me feel a hundred percent better.

I’ve also been trying to read my book Needful Things by Stephen King. I am afraid that went by the wayside. I can’t seem to read more than one thing at a time. Then I spend  half the day sleeping or in agony thanks to pain. I waste my time away and just cannot do both.

6;38pm I ate my supper. It put me in somewhat a better mood. I I’m still not up to par. On the whole this has been another shitty day. It was shitty for a number of reasons. First, I was in a lot of pain. Second, I didn’t get any care at all today. I had a few incontinence episodes and did not get changed. At one point the aides were in here taking care of my roommate. I asked if they could change me when they were finished. They said they couldn’t do it and left. This put me in an even more shitty mood.

I wish to heck I could crawl into bed now. I’ve been in this wheelchair for a little over thirteen hours. My butt is very, very sore. Arthritis is still killing me. I’m very tired and want to get some sleep in a nice comfortable bed.  But it isn’t going to happen. They will keep me up all night.

10:21pm I had a pleasant evening reading the New York Times. I read for four hours almost. As always reading put me in a better mood. I read the front page and half the National section. I got lost in the news and forgot about my problems. Thank God I still have access to the Times on my Nook app. I would’ve lost without it.

It is almost 10:30 I been in this wheelchair for seventeen hours. Aide did come on about ran hour ago. She wanted to put me to bed but I wanted to read a couple e more articles es. Now I’m so tired I can fall a sleep now. But they will keep me up until after midnight.

Oh. I finally got t changed Aide came in after supper. She asked if I neeed changed. I said yes I do? So she put clean briefs  on me. She asked if I rang the the call !ight at all today. I said yes but they never came. She said wait out in the hall and make them? It was not right I should lie in my butt all day. I agree with that.

I hope I have a good night t with no nightmares. Weird dreams or pain. Arthritis pain is bad when I’m in bed. It keeps me up at night. I hope and pray tonight will be different. I hope  I can get some much needed sleep






Rh midnight.




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2 weeks ago

Actually, it was Trinity Lutheran Church. I hope you are feeling better.

2 weeks ago

@chokipchocolate ok sorry I forgot