Thursday 6/16/22

1:00pm This is a very bad day so far. I didn’t sleep very well thanks to arthritis pain and weird disturbing dreams. In this one dream I was a kid in Steubenville. I was riding my bike down Market Street. I came across a childhood friend named Tommy. He was on a tricycle. We rode down Market St. It was very dark and spooky? We passed a lot of abandoned stores. But we passed this one store that looked like it was open, at least the lights were on. It was an electronics store. Tommy and I looked in the window. It turned out the store was owned by Tommy’s dad. But Tommy said my name is on the wall.

Then the dream got more disturbing. I could see his face. He was dressed as  girl. He had on this wig and red lipstick. I got very mad and the upset on seeing him like this i I yelled at him. I don’t like to see you like this i screamed. Then he tried to kiss me. I swung at his face. The image of Tommy dressed as a girl suddenly vanished. He was back at his old self.

We continued down Market Street. We passed an appliance store. There was a man inside. He was blarring out prices for his products. He was yelling out at the top of his voice. After we passed this sore we were getting close to the Market Street bridge to WV. We had to get across it in a hurry. Behind us there was a gang forming . They wanted to kill us.  We were on foot now and tried to run. But the steps to the walkway were blocked y a mountain of dirt.

I screamed at this point. It was around six and the aides woke up for the morning. They helped me out of bed and into a clean hospital gown. I said you just woke me up from a very bad nightmare.

I didn’t have a very good morning. I was very tired and troubled by this dream. Ii was hurting very bad from arthritis and constipation. On a scale of one to five the pain level was a five. I tried sleeping in my wheelchair but couldn’t. Not even breakfast perked me up and I had my favorite. I had pancakes, scrambled eggs and oatmeal cereal. I had two cups of coffee and a glass of oj.

I had a miserable morning but felt better after lunch. I had BBQ pork,scalloped potatoes,spinach and a blueberry bar. I had two cups of hot coffee and a fruit punch. Lunch lifted my spirits and the pain level went down to a two. I’m feeling much better.

Than God I still have access to the NYT on my Nook app. I guess for now I will swallow my pride and use the Nook


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2 weeks ago

That’s a horrible sounding dream. 🙁 Lunch sounds delish. You didn’t talk with @chipchocolate today??

2 weeks ago

I hope that things are improving for you as the day progresses, love.