Wednesday 6/15/22

6:03am I am above the dirt. I had a fairly good  nigh with no weird dreams. I had a very nice aide who lives let me sleep in. She dressed me in real clothes instead of a hospital gown. It feels good bto be wearing pants. Then she helped me get in my wheelchair I am awake and ready to face another day in the nursing home.

I’m having a good morning so far. I’m not in too much pain. I’m not too sluggish.h I could use a cup of coffee but will have to wait for breakfast. I hope I get coffee with breakfast. I pjust heard an aide say to my roommate we are out,ok? I hope she wasn’t talking about coffee. It wrecks my whole day is if I can’t start it off with coffee. ?

I wonder what they will be serving for breakfast. Probably scrambled eggs and cold oatmeal. That seem to be their standard fare in the morning.bibreally don’t care . I’m hungry and will eat whatever The y serve. The important thing is I get my caffeine fix. Jim can’t do anything without my morning coffee.

I chatted with Chocolatechip on messenger. She said she got up at five. She was very anxious about that Morgantown trip coming up on the 29th? It’s for a four hour test. Hell I’d be jumping out of my skin if I was faced with that t. Nobody knocked on her door last night so that was a good thing. We didn’t chat too long. She had to take meds and finish her coffee.

Well. It is almost seven. I’m going to look at the headlines and try to read the paper.

10:51am I have been reading the New York Times. I read several interesting articles I also talked with Chocolatechip. She was not feeling well. She complained of an upset stomach and shortness of breath. We agreed it was either stress over the Morgantown trip or the heat She turned on the a/c and said she was going to lie down. I called her a little bit ago and is feeling bett

It is very hot here in the Upper Ohio Valley.  I saw on my tablet where it is going to be 94 in Follansbee. We are in a middle of a heatwave that will continue onto next week. They have the air on in my room and I’m freezing my butt off. I asked for a blanket but didn’t get one. I went out in the hall for awhile  to get warm.

Breakfast was good. I had scrambled eggs, toast, oatmeal and a banana. The coffee was nice and hot. I also had a nice glass of orange juice. I started the paper after breakfast. Other than talking to Chocolatechip I’ve been reading. I don’t mind. I love doing both.

Well it’s back to the paper. There is one article I want to read. It’s about Donald Trump. If I remember right Trump collected $390 million in campaign contributions. The House Committee investigation reveals the money is not going to where it was promised to go. I want to learn more about this issue?. There are more great stories in today’s edition of the Times.

10:04pm I had a pretty good day today. Meals I had were delicious. For lunch I had ham and pinto beans, potatoes rand a cookie for desert. For dinner I had pepperoni pizza and a cucumber sala then jello for desert. Coffee with both meals was nice and hot. I also had my fruit punch. I cannot complain about the food in this place.

After lunch I read the paper. I read the New York Times front page section. I read a tot Al of ten articles. Reading this much kept me busy until supper. I didn’t read half of it despite reading this sucker all day.But I enjoyed every minute of it. I felt so good and relaxed after reading about the world news. I truly love this paper and I think it is the best paper in the world.

But all good things must come to an end. I got an email today. It said that Amazon did not receive a payment for my subscription. If this is not remedied in three days my subscription would be cancelled. I got to thinking if I wait until they cancell oi might not be able to renew. So I cancelled and it immediately went into effect. . I plan on renewing my Kindle subscription next month when I have the money.

In the meantime I can always swallow my pride and go back to the B&N app. I paid for a year’s subscription a few months ago and I’m still getting it. I like the Kindle edition better but the old Nook edition is better than nothing. I tried cancelling the Nook edition but they were unable to process it. I’m glad I still have this option available.

I also talked a lot with Chocolatechip She was a bit upset today. She got a call from Healthways. She found out her case manager, Margie, quit on her. She had an appointment set up to go to Morgantown for a fout hour test This was scheduled von the 29th. Now she has no transportation. Chocolatechip was very worried and anxious about this testing.

We talked about this at length. The test is for memory loss. I guess the Dr is trying to determine if she has an early onset of dementia. We both agree that this test is completely unnecessary. Anyways, Chocolatechip said if the doesn’t get a new case manager soon she is going to cancel. I said I would call and cancel anyways. I also said I think this test is causing more trouble than it is worth.

Chocolatechip was worried and upset about this darned test. She woke up today feeling sick because of it. Her morning sucked but she got better as the day progressed. I had a pretty good day myself but I did feel bad for my girlfriend.

After supper I did some more reading. I catched up on my book Needful Things. i picked this up after talking to Chocolatechip and read most of the night.tThings are coming to a head in Castle Rock. I didn’t want to put it down because I was anxious to find out what wis coming up next. I think this book is pretty spooky and one of King’ds best. But I love all his works.

It is a ?ittle after eleven. I’ve been in this wheelchair since six. I’m tired and want to go to bed. I asked to be put in bed about an hour ago. But the aide said she was busy. Bummer!




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3 weeks ago

She’s on here too Bear @chipchocolate I think?

3 weeks ago

@sambucathedestroyer She is Chipchocolate on OD and Chocolatechip on PB

3 weeks ago

@bear70 👌😃❤️

2 weeks ago

Sounds like you had a pretty good day :-). I hope they didn’t make you wait too late to get put to bed.  I’m sorry you lost your paper subscription since you’ve been enjoying it so much and sure hope you can get it back.