Thursday 6/23/22

5:44am The aides put me to bed at a decent hour last night. I slept well with no pain, weird dreams or nightmares. The only problem is they got me out of bed before five. I think I was in my wheelchair by then. I dunno, I’m a bit confused and not too with it. I won’t be with it until I get coffee which won’t be for another hour. Grrr!

I called Chocolatechip. She was up early because of a doctor’s appointment.  Chocolatechip said somebody knocked on her door late at night. She was able to get some sleep and was up for good by three. She talked about this one guy,”Tim.” He asked her some very personnel questions that were really none of this business.n I wished I could of beat the shit out of him when I was a le. She apologized for complaining. I said I complain as well. We both do not have it easy. We cut our conversation short because she had to get ready for her appointment.

I finally got some water. I had to ring the call light. My oxygen tubing was wheeled myself out on the hall  and waited for an aide. When she came I asked if she could get some ice water. She checked my tubing Al’s o brought a cushion for my wheelchair. Then she was nice enough to get some water.

I’m feeling fairly good right now. Pain level is down to a one on my 1-5 pain scale. I’m not too tired. Sores on my butt and legs are not hurting. I’m not sad or depressed nor am I thinking any negative thoughts. I always feel better when there is little pain. Things are starting out good and I will have a good day.

1:07pm I had an egg salad and cheese with sandwich with oatmeal cereal, coffee and oj for breakfast. The coffee was barely warm but I drank it anyway. Other than that breakfast t was pretty good. Cullen, from physical therapy came for me soon after. She wheeled game down around eight. She had me raise my legs and rest them on a stool. She put a heat pad on my bad knee. I wore that’s tor fifteen minutes. Then we started with the exercises.

I’m afraid I didn’t  do very well today because my leftl leg was in a lot of pain. I started out with the kicking exercises. I did three sets of fifteen on my right leg. I tried to do the same on my left but it was just too painful. So the leg exercises were a bust. We did other things s that hurt like hell but I got her done I was glad this session was over for I was in a lot of pain.

Physical therapy wrecked my morning. I  continued to experience pain. I wanted to read but couldn’t concentrate . I just sat in my chair feeling like a miserable wimp. I managed to talk with Chocolatechip. She was up at WMC for a doctor’s fell asleep after talking with her.. I slept on and off the rest of the morning. Sleep seemed to help with the pain. Sometimes all you need is a good sleep

Oh, I saw “Norman” in pt We did not speak. I think I might of waved to him but did not get a response. “Norman” was Chocolatechip’s friend at ot. I tried being friends with him but said something on FB that pissed him off. I tried apologizing for it but he still did not want to speak. I guess our animosity will follow us to the nursing home. It’s unfortunate but that is how it is.

I was feeling kind of down because of the Norman situation. And the pain. Lunch perked me up though. I had beef tips with noodles and gravy plus carrots and a cup of fruit. I have had two cups of coffee and lemonade Lunch was good and ate it all.

I feel good right now. I’m going to try and read the New York Times.

6:53pm I didn’t read the paper today. I opted to start on my new book Sparring Partners by John Grisham. I was sitting in my room getting into my book when in comes Darla from physical therapy. She talks to my roommate for awhile then walks over to me. Out of the blue she says I have a pretty good memory. I said I don’t. This was all she said to me then leaves. I couldn’t concentrate on my book any longer for thinking about what this woman said.

I thought and thought about what I said to her that prompted this remark. When she was my coach I would tell her she looked pretty. I’d tease her and she would tease me back. I’d say something like I have a high rise in Weirton I c an give you if you let me off the hook. Or I would say I’d buy you Cadillac if you let me slide today. I was just joking around with her and I thought we were both having a bit of fun.

This other woman Cullen is my coach now. I was joking with her and telling her she looked pretty Today I said something like I love to look at pretty woman. I just look but don’t touch. After Darla made that remark I got real paranoid. I was thinking all kinds of crazy stuff like maybe Darla has a jealous streak. Worse case scenario is I thought she might look up Chocolatechip and start trouble. I started to obsess and obsess over this all afternoon.

I called Chocolatechip and told her the story. We talked about this at length. We decided that Darla can’t do anything to me. What is she going to do take me to court for calling her pretty? We laughed at that one because I am basically destitute. I felt better for telling Chocolatechip this story. We both had a good laugh and figured out I was just being paranoid. Just the same I do not think I’d be complimenting women on their looks.

I didn’t get very far in my book for thinking of this shit. It is unfortunate because Sparring Partners seems like a good story. It starts out in the fictional town of Canton, Mississippi. This is the county seat of Ford County the setting of many Grisham’s novels. The hero is Jake Brgance . Who appeared in other John Grisham novels.

The story starts out when Jake is sitting in his law office on a Monday. In come a wealthy couple from Memphis I got to the part where they tell Jake about their vacation in Costa Rica. Here they meet up with a former lawyer named Mack Strafford. I think this is as far as I got but I plan on reading more.

I read, or tried to, until supper. I had BBQ pork on a bun, corn and bean soup. I had pineapple bits for desert a cup of hot coffee and chocolate milk. I called Chocolatechip and we talked on the phone until 6:30  She gets ready for bed at this time.

Well,so much for my day. I had a good day for the most part. I got good care and decent food.

8:00pm One more week left in the month I went over July’s budget. I was going to buy nine books in a series called Oxford History of the United States. I think I might change my mind on this. I already have these books on my Nook app. Why should I fork out a hundred dollars or more to get them on my Kindle app.? Now that I’m over my anger with B&N it seems a bit foolish. The same thing with the New York Times. Why pay for the same thing twice? I will buy some books but I want to go us on authors I haven’t read.

Well it is 8:00. I’ve been in this chair for fifteen hours. I am not tired thanks to coffee. I’d like to read my book or the paper but my mind is racing. I’m thinking about the incident with Darla. I’m thinking about budgets. I’m thinking about a million different things at once. I can’t settle myself down for thinking of these things. I was a bit sleepy all day. I’m wired up now that it is about time for bed.

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God bless you. I wish you to have a restful day with minimal discomfort.