Wednesday 6/22/22

1:24  I was up and in my wheelchair buy 5:30. I was yvery tired thanks to arthritis and nightmares. In thi s one dream of I was walking down the middle of Main St in Follansbee. I would point my right arm to a house and itg was the set on fire. Nobody could stop killed all the town cops. As I walked along rMain Street I plenty behind a path of death and destruction. In another dream I had someone gave me an old fashion machine gun. I was with a group of people who were trying to defend their property. A gang was coming down the street looting, burning and killing everything in site. As they approached us Ii started to fire my weapon but it would not work. I started to scream at this point as a male aide woke pme up front or the day.

I had one whopper of a night. I was very tired and sleepy. I was also in a lo of pain.  I did call Chocolatechip. She was ok. Nobody knocked on her door last night. She still didn’t sleep all that well. She was not happy with her work. She talked hings for while then she had to take med.

I sat in my chair feeling like a zombie. I must of dozed off because they  woke me up when they brought breakfast. I had toast, scrambled eggs, oj and hot coffee. Breakfast perked me up. Then I had physical therapy. They wheeled me to he gym. I did leg exercises for about forty minutes. I had a good time and finally felt awake

I talked with Chocolatechip when I got back. We talked about different things for a while. I told her about my nightmares. She said it was from reading too many Stephen King stories. I said I always had nightmares and vivid dreams,h she said my dreams certainly are vivid. She talked more about her Caregiver. We had a nice conversation and I felt better.

By then it wasn’t long until lunch. I had fish.blended veggies, sweet potatoes cornbread and pears for desert.  It was good and I ate it all.vcofffee was warm but I drank it anyways.. oh think I’m finally awake now. I’m going to try and read. Life is good.

5:36pm I didn’t read today. I didn’t do much of anything. I was in a lot of pain thanks to arthritis. Pain level was a four on my one to five pain scale. In addition to arthritis pain sores on my thigh and butt hurt especial as I sat on them. I just sat in my wheelchair  and struggled to stay awake.  In short this was not a good day.

It was a very hot one  here in the Upper Ohio Valley. Heat index was in the hundred. I saw on my tablet that the temp in Follansbee was a high of 94. This was a good day to stay inside. I was glad I could stay inside today.

They are passing out dinner trays. I’m having macaroni and cheese. I’m not too crazy about this but will eat it anyways. I did get some orange sherbert. That was good but dinner sucked.

Today sucked thanks to pain and lousy care. I only  got changed once and this was late in the afternoon. To make matters worse I had no ice water I asked for water twice but aides didn’t bring hope tomorrow would be a better day.

7:13pm I was in one sorry mood. It’s pretty bad when you sit in your own urine all day. It is pretty darned bad when they will not give you water. Is it any wonder why I get in a foul mood? I was a miserable old fart all day thanks to arthritis pain and neglect This is what it is plain simple neglect. if had an ounce of gumption I would call WV advocacy. But I honestly think filing a complaint would make things worse.

One thing happened last night that surprised the hell out of me. Mean Bitch was very,very nice. We got to talking and she seems like a nice girl. She was putting me to bed last night. I was turning off my tablet and plugging it in. I said to her I’m addicted to this damned tablet. She said she likes to read as well. We started to have a nice conversation about books and reading. She took great care of me in putting me to bed. I hope we are friends now. I hate being on the outs with anyone. I also will have to think up of a new name for her.

It is 7:30. I’ve been in this darned wheelchair for twelve hours. I would like to go to bed now. This has been a very bad day. I just want to end it. But they will keep me up for two or three more hours at least. Normally, I wouldn’t mind because I like to stay up and read. But I just couldn’t concentrate on a book or the New York Times. I was in too much misery.

I would like to get started with John Grisham’s new novel Sparring Partners. I hope I will be in a better frame of mind tomorrow and can concentrate. I honestly hope tomorrow will be a better day


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