Wednesday 3/9/22

7:42am I had a decent night for a change. The aids put me to be around 10:30 last night. I had a nice aid who got me out of bed and into my whee wheelchair at six. I slept well and do not remember any nightmares. But I was still very tired when I got up. I slept on and off until breakfast. I had a biscuit with gravy and hot cereal. For drinks I had two cups of very cold coffee and a glass of oj?be desperate for a caffeine fix I drank the coffee anyways.

I’m getting excellent care this morning. I had gan accident as soon as I was changed and in my chair. Male aid came in to change me. I had another accident during breakfast. Again I was promptly attended to. He was very nice and didn’t yell at me for not using the urinal. I wish I could get good care like this all the time.

I called Chocolatechip after breakfast. She is doing better? The said that she reached a point where she is going to put everything in God’s hands. She said she is tapted out and cannot worry anymore. I said you got to get to that point for your own sanity? I also said I was glad to hear that. Nobody knocked on her door last night but she didn’t sleep very well. I said I wash sorry. She said she was up and down a lot. We didn’t talk too long. She had to start her housework.

I feel pretty good tight now. I’m above the dirt. I had a good breakfast and am getting excellent care. Best part is I’m pain free. I could use a cup of hot coffee but I guess you can’t expect everything. Coffee I did have perked me uph and that is what matters. I’m going to have a good day today!

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March 9, 2022

I hope you continued to have a good day and that you are enjoying your new tablet.