Wednesday 9/14/22

5:38am I was in bed by 11:30 last night. I had a good one with no weird dreams to report. The nurse must of given me Tylenol with  nighttime meds because pain level was down to a one. So I had good sleep.

I was sort of ready when the aide came to get me out of bed at 5:30. I’m hurting. Pain level is at a four on a one to five scale. It is centered on my shoulders. I could use an Ibuprofen or a long nice massage. I woke up feeling like shit. But I still wanted to get in my wheelchair. 

I called Chocolatechip. She has been up since two she said. Chocolatechip couldn’t get back to bed so she got up and went through her morning routine. I said it must be nice being able to get bup when you want. Then I had a major meltdown. Ok, I broke down and cried.

I don’t do crying spells too often. I was crying from pain. I was crying from being in a nursing home mostly. It’s not too ad here but I t isn’t like being home. I guess I was feeling sorry for myself. I just felt like crap for awhile but I snapped out of it.

I’m ok now. I’m still above the dirt and that’s all that matters. 

10:45 This is turning into a good day. First. I had a good breakfast. I had a cheese omelet, hot oatmeal cereal. two slices of toast, three hot coffees and a glass of oj. I had an extra cup of coffee that helped put me in a good mood. Second , I went to physical therapy. I did all my leg and standing exercises. I started out slow but did a good Job The exercises also helped me get awake and put me in a good mood.

After PT I went to the nurse’s office station. I bought two nut butter candy bars. I used the money Chocolatechip gave me. Candy sure did hit the spot and this also made me feel good.

I tried ycalling Chocolatechip but no answer. She has a Dr’s appointment this morning and is probably waiting  for her ride. I no doubt just missed her. Also spent time deleting emails and other files from my tablet I hope I didn’t screw up anything.


















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1 week ago

Sometimes a good cry feels good.  I’m sorry you are in so much pain this morning.  I hope they will give you something to help with it.