Wednesday Afternoon

1:45pm They must be putting something in my coffee. I really feel great today. I’m not obsessing about paying bills or buying a tablet.  I’m not worried about that nurse who gave me a hard time.     I’m just sitting in my wheelchair focusing on my book Years of Upheaval by Henry Kissinger

This book is part of a three box set I purchased and downloaded from B&N. I paid $64 something for these books. I saved about $20. Still, this is a lot of money for Ebooks. I want to read all three of them to get my so I can say I didn’t waste my money. Besides, I find these books very interesting and I would like to learn something.

I read the first two volumes White House Years and Years of Upheaval. These books were about the foreign policy of Richard  Nixon. I learned a lot about Richard Nixon. According to Kissinger, Nixon was a much hated President back in the day. He was accused of being a war monger and needlessly extending the Vietnam War. But I learned thatNixon wasn’t that bad of a president. His one mistake was Watergate and ,despite his accomplishments, was forced to resign in disgrace.

Anyway, I did a lot of reading this morning. I have one more chapter to finish in Years of Upheaval.  This chapter is about the end of the Nixon administration. It ought to be a good one and a very sad chapter in American history.





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