Silly Sally

Have u ever read the book *Silly Sally*? Well…she is me n I am her! We live parralel worlds. Everything I do is back wards n upside down. The world tells me to Hate n here I Go loving! I go against the grain…I walk into the storm instead of fleeing from it. I’m like ur typical dumb white chick in a horror flick…instead of running away from danger…I go to investigate it n try n figure out why Michael Myers likes to kill. Maybe he was abused as a child n all he needs is true love to stop him from killing! Maybe I can show him different…maybe I can be his difference! If it’s broken…maybe I can fix it. I’m like a mad scientist trying to figure out that never ending equation…picture this crazy haired scientist up on a ladder against this gynormous chalk board filled with mathmatical mantra that he’s been working on for 20 years to come up with a solution for n he ain’t no closer to solving the problem he was 20 years ago but yet he’s obsessed with finding that problem solving solution just for the sake of knowing it! That’s me in a nut shell…I am Silly Sally the absolute and infinite misfit who thinks she can make a difference! 

My delusional mind lives in fantasies and I refuse to come back to reality! 

Silly Sally…ur beyond Silly…Sally!

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