Reviving Epistolary Intercourse…

I am fortunate that my city is home to the Bortoletti Artistic Foundry.  Established in 1980 by four brothers, they are driven by a passion for bronze casting and sculpture which they inherited from their father.  They craft beautiful pens, wax seals and other writing materials.  Having unearthed a large cache of long-forgotten stationary from the pre-digital age, I decided that now would be a good time to revive the art of the written letter.

Not surprisingly, the response has been gratifyingly positive.  People have written back saying that it’s been years since they received a “real” letter, and how special it felt.  My favorite response was from a 26 year old friend in Istanbul.  Having grown up in the digital age, she said this was the first personal letter she’d ever received, and that she will keep it forever, as it brought her pure joy.  All the social media, webcams and instant connectivity cannot replace the simple pleasure of opening a missive from a friend.  Worlds collide, as she had to text me a photo of the letter when she received it!

To a friend in California, I always address the letters to her with the addition of some ridiculous organization.  My most recent epistle went to her c/o Clog Dancers for Jesus, Inc.  Previous organizations included:

The Albino Morris Dancer Society
Mormon Dishtowel Fanciers of America
Second Cousins Against Jaywalking
The Lutheran Home for Mismatched Socks

If anyone has ideas for odd names, please leave your suggestions!

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February 27, 2021

Clog Dancers for Jesus~!! LOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

March 6, 2021


April 1, 2021

Oh I LOVE it!  I’ve copied them out & now will have to think of where I can use them.  The one friend who comes to mind passed away last November, and many of the current ones don’t have the requisite sense of humor.  But I’ll persevere!