Just another day

I was up and down all night again, even after taking one of Z’s sleeping pills. I got up at noon and went outside to smoke, as always. The twins from next door came over and talked to me for a little while. They’re 14, and following in their older brother’s footsteps the way they make up stories and exaggerate. Sometimes it can be funny, but other times I just want to call them out on it because some of the things they try to get me to believe are so ridiculous. It’s pretty funny when it all comes down to it, because I can tell without question which things are true and which things aren’t. This time they were saying that their dogs (big dogs, but not big enough for this story) had killed a total of six deer, and that all that was left of any of them was the head, which the dogs always brought home with them. LOL!

C & K ran a call this morning where a 17 year old boy had gotten into a car accident and was killed. Pretty sad stuff. I always hate to hear stories like that. Especially when it’s a young person. Poor boy hadn’t even lived yet really.

Halloween…..I hope you’re all having a great Halloween, and that you all stay safe!


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