Well remember that guy you guys read in that previous entry.. well things have gotten alot worse.. i am now being kicked out with no where to go and honestly i dont even know or understand how this could have happened. I truly feel dumb because every one told me this would happen and here we are.. He was on the computer doing orientation or well he was but instead he was just running around the house joking with the dogs and everything and i was in the room with him and he told me about this chat everyone was in and he started typing and i asked what was every one talking about now and he said they asked me where im from and i was like oh just you and he blew up.. for whatever reason i dont know because i was just truly interested. So he told me to leave the room and i told him let me just explain myself you are thinking something else.. well he just got angrier from there and then proceeded to call his mom and tell her how my life isnt shit and the job i have isnt nothing.. proceeded to make fun of how i didnt finish school yet but the only reason i havent finished is because im battling my mental illness. but of course when he is mad he doesnt care and then went and told his mom and now im just getting judge all around.. so then i proceeded to stand up for myself and told him every time he gets mad he cant just kick me out i have no where to go.. my mom told me im not allowed back because she doesnt want to be in this and my dad doesnt talk to me so where am i supposed to go.. his response is im grown ill have to figure it out.. 22 alone in vegas and i have to figure it out.. this city would eat me up but at the same time maybe thats just how my life will go.. his mom then tells him when i go to work tomorrow i am not allowed to return so that means me and all my stuff will just be standing on the curb.. she then tells me i can trust my things wont be touched but honeslty i cant so i now have to miss work because im scared.. i dont know what to do or what will happen. his mom comes back saturday.. ill probably be dropped off at a homeless shelter and all my stuff will get stolen from me and ill probably end up getting taken advange of.. and the only thing they can say is its my fault…. i wish i had family or someone anyone.. i would give anything to just be a kid again and just be home and protected from all of this..

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July 14, 2021

This guy and his mother are pieces of shit. Good riddance to them! Do you have any friends you can go stay with for a little while? A car you can even sleep in if you must? Someone you work with you can confide in, or your boss? Shame on your mom for not taking you in when you need it!! She wouldn’t be “in” anything. It’s over with this guy, and don’t go taking his phone calls or letting him back into your life. Yes, I’m momming you right now. You work… Do you have any money so you could even stay in a cheap motel? Or put your stuff in a storage locker if you have to go to a shelter? There has to be something. I’m trying to think…