*grumble title blah blah grumble*




It was pretty quiet last night.

I came home, messed around with kittens, ate some dinner, watched a little tv (to let my food settle!), worked out for about 45 minutes, showered and washed my hair, chatted with my little brother on Aim (They got kicked out of their house and have been living in a Motel 6 for 3 weeks. *sigh* I sincerely hope the house they are hoping to get into and rent works out because I can’t imagine my mom who is stressed and three teenagers stuffed into a hotel room for very long. Recipe for disaster! He seems to be keeping up his spirits though. I’m so so so SO sad for them. *sigh*), talked to my kids and my step mom, watched Rest Stop: Don’t Look Back while I straightened my hair, got frustrated with Baboo, got unfrustrated with Baboo, went to sleep in a mood.

So that’s the run down of last night if you really cared.

I don’t.


but I figure one day I’ll read back and I’ll be like "ohhh, that’s how I spent that time… blah blah bliggidy blah"


I feel really yuck today.

I woke up with a "sour" stomach and I felt like I was gonna throw up. Not fun. I could even taste last nights dinner hovering at the back of my throat. Not delicious at all.

It’s not that much better now, but I’m hopefully eating crackers!

at least I got paid today.

So with my "healthier eating" habits I’m trying to create in my life I realize that I can no longer gorge on pizza. this makes me sad. A normal serving of pizza is ONE SLICE. Just like any pie. Who runs around with 3 slices of apple pie… welll… someone MAY but normally you get one slice and you’re happy.

Pizza is different, but still has a lot of calories. The frozen one I made this weekend said ONE serving was 1/6 of the pie, and it was over 300 cals for that ONE SLICE.

I think that’s lame.

I like 2 or 3… sometimes 4… but ONE?

I guess if the slices are small I can get away with 2… but really, on a large pizza, I should only have ONE slice. And a giant heaving ho-ing monster salad. Unless I start opting for thinner crusts, and maybe I can get away with more….

but still… pizza is so delicious!

It makes me really sad. damn learning how to eat with portion control! I know I can’t deny myself the things I like, so I have to learn how to eat them without binging.

One of my last gorge fests will be my birthday, and hopefully, I’ll be down 10 pounds and adding 1 back won’t set me too far behind where I want to be.

By summer I want to be able to wear cute clothes damn it!

I had this goal last year. didn’t get me far.

but I’m way more diligent with working out this time. Plus, with my age… happening… I can’t ignore it anymore. I want to feel good in this time of my life so I don’t feel old and crochety! (and I KNOW 30 isn’t old, but we all have our crisis with the age, so leave me be! ha ha)

Last night I kept trying to rationalize in my head NOT doing anything and just going to bed, but I made myself move and dance and felt better for it. So there ya go with that.

but damn.

No more piles of pizza?


At least I don’t have to give up pizza altogether. That would kill me.

I love pizza.

and so do zombies.

I hope I get a new netflix movie tonight. I forgot to put my other in the mail but that’s fine I can probably put both in the  mail tomorrow and have two movies for the weekend. I sorta want to make sure I have a fun movie for the boys and I to watch when they come home.

goal for today: fill out divorce papers.

I can’t slack.

I don’t have THAT much work, so this should be a good time.

so do it I will.

and we’ll just go from there, right?

can’t get any worse than it is now.

ok then, so that concludes my "normal" entry of the day.

Anything else will probably be insanity and ramblings.

but I love to be insane and ramble.

don’t you?

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wait. i thought zombies only ate brains. does the pizza have brains on it?

yes i definitely like to ramble. i hate boring days. you’re making me hungry for pizza haha.

March 11, 2009

I’m with hoops. Brain pizza is eww…YOU’RE SECRETLY A ZOMBIE AREN’T YOU! (Don’t worry, your secret is safe with me!)

March 11, 2009

only one slice? NO WAY! Who can only eat one slice of pizza?

March 11, 2009

mmmmmmm….. pizza……. I met with a nutritionist at school yesterday about portion control and all too. Thankfully it’s not for losing weight for me… it’s to balance out my wonky metabolism. Fun. Need to do the exercise thing too.. Boo… Good luck with the divorce papers!

March 11, 2009

Boo. I still gorge on pizza. Although the kind I usually get says 1/3 of the pizza is a serving. But I eat half of it… 😛

March 11, 2009

You can learn to make your own pizza and its less calories that way. Use reduced fat cheese and not so much of it, and make a thinner crust (if you feel up to the challenge, or else you can just use premade).