I’m awesome, she is NOT


Ok, so first of all, I just got a call from a guy saying I never sent him something he requested. I HATE THOSE CALLS. Especially when I KNOW I SENT IT IMMEDIATELY AFTER WE SPOKE ON THE PHONE.

I really hate our inter-departmental mailing system around here because our area offices don’t have official service so I have to HOPE that whoever delivers their mail gets the stuff to them correctly and there is no way to verify crap. So I left him a message and I said that since he requested it be sent that way I can’t control it but I’m MORE THAN HAPPY to send it via regular US Postage (that way I can send it certified, damn it) if he’d consent.


I hate idiots. (update: he just called again and I said I’d send it regular postage and be DONE WITH IT. bah!)


I even went thru the docs highlighting what needed to be filled out and left detailed instructions.


I’m not doing that again.

he can just figure it out.


Second of all! SFG… aka Skinny (or STUPID) fat girl (if anyone who thinks that I’m making fun of "fat" people, shut up) can go fly off a cliff. Her and all her dumb cronies who are suddenly thinking they know everything and can make judgements.

They don’t know crap.

HOWEVER…  I am over it… mainly because I know that girls like to act like they are holier than thou wonderful gifts to man, when they are just as psycho as all the rest of us!!!

And of COURSE Baboo won’t tell the WHOLE STORY. he can’t make himself look THAT awful (though he didn’t act like he was blameless, so there is that)… and he can’t make ME look SO AMAZING or all his dumb trampy groupies will find a new dick to hang off in OD Land and he won’t be the shiz on a stick anymore.

Whatever. My understanding of this situation is that it’s just plain idiocy. Yes, my honor and my reputation as the girlfriend is not being upheld to the fullest capacity, but it’s OD seriously… not everyone is as open and forthright and using this place as a haven, least of all Baboo. He uses it as a breeding ground for attention from young stupid and obviously clueless girls.

I will let him have his fun.

I have my own fun. And he can’t even get mad about it… if he knew what it was anyway. ha ha…

It only bothers me cuz I hate that girl.

And she just might get a nasty note, but not from ME.

ha ha.


Anyway, I know I’m awesome. And she is NOT. so there. to her! and to anyone else who thinks they’d have reacted any differently under these circumstances. They are a damn lie. They’d probably be more crazy than I was.

Oh to be a girl.

Vagina’s are awesome. But damn the hormones that come attached to them!

ok, so i’m done. I’m gonna like, stop being a crazy bitch (laugh, laugh with me! hahahahahah) for NOW and go send out these documents to this crazy man who thinks he didn’t get them when I’m sure they’re sitting in an inbox somewhere just waiting to be found.





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hahah i agree, damn our hormones!

March 4, 2009

I’d be a lot more pissed at him for making you look bad, an dI wish I knew who this bitch was so I could tear one into her skank ass, lol

OMG I WANT TO READ HER DIARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! šŸ™‚

March 4, 2009

I’m sad he doesn’t talk about you more and make you look really awesome cos you are!

March 4, 2009

*RYN* DDR is the best! šŸ™‚ and i LOVE your rant here, I don’t know much for whats going on, but I DO very much agree that hormones suck a$$! & girls can most mef be very pety!!!

March 4, 2009

RYN: Lol. I did do a plate for the nephew, but what the hey, i’ll send it to you!! There will be pics and vids eventually!! x x

March 4, 2009

lol np hope it helped in some way if not lol maybe another time lol

March 4, 2009
March 4, 2009

You are awesome!