To Come Out Or Not To Come Out, That Is The Question

People react in different ways when coming to terms with the possibility that they are gay. That person has an attraction for the same gender. Is it a phase that person might ask themselves? Could they be Bi instead? Only that person truely knows or in some cases they either don’t know or it takes a long time for them to understand that they are in fact gay.

Assuming that person has come to the definate realisation that they are gay, the next question amongst others, that person might think of is, should that person come out? Should that person tell their family and friends that they are gay?

The only time i heard of a straight person saying that they are straight, is if that person for what ever reason is ask if they are gay. I do not think about someones orientation when i first meet them, and if someone says they have a wife or girlfriend or husband or boyfriend of the opposite genda, then it is safe to conclude that the person is straight.

Of course coming out is a persons individual choice, there is nothing wrong with coming out. But i am of the opinion that coming out should be done naturally, instead of just broadcasted to all friends and family. For example they might be a relative that person has that might take longer time and a different tact to receive the news that their loved one is gay.

When i say coming out naturally i mean when the moment is right to that person. For example, maybe there is a gay teen in school talking with close friends, and one of the friends ask him which girl does he like or does he think so and so is very hot. Thats when that person if they are feeling the moment is right could say, actually i like guys.

Sometimes coming out could be scary especially to family members who are very conservative in their religious views. Just remember you are created in God’s image, you share the same DNA as your other family members and you have nothing to feel bad about. Being gay is not a sin, being gay is not a choice, you are who you are. If your family rejects you, then that is their loss. Be proud of who you are and show them that you can be a successful person who is gay.

Times are changing, there is greater acceptance and tolerance towards LGBTQ people. Hold your head up high and don’t let anything bring you down. Respect and love yourself and surround yourself with positive people who love you and respect you, who are there for you and who support you.

There is no rush to come out no timeline that you have to stick to. Come out when your ready, when you feel the time is right, when you know the right moment has come.

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December 16, 2020

This is something that I am planning right now. Not so much about the coming out part, I got outed years ago by someone I thought I could trust. The decision that I have to make is to actually start living as I want and find who I want.