Of Monday…

It has been a rather busy day. I had to get up shortly before 2 am, because I was ill. I bore with the sickness until the Cholestyramine solution kicked in, thus relieving my malady. I had to get up early anyway, this morning, so I decided to stay up. Everything was ready to go (coffee, medications, linens, attire), b/c I knew that I had to make a trip up to the hospital, this morning to receive my vitamin B12 injection. I took the 7:42 am bus to my appointment. Actually, it was not an appointment. I phoned them last week, to make certain that the office would be open this morning. By my primary care physician’s rules, the office staff is not allowed to give an injection unless she or her husband (whom is a doctor as well in the joint practice), is there. They phoned my doctor to ask her permission to give me the injection, although her husband would not be in until 10 am. She does not practice on Mondays. She explained to the staff that, being that they would be administering a vitamin injection, it would be ok to do so w/o a physician being in the office. I finished up at the doctor’s around 9 am. The 8:58 bus had already passed the main entrance of the hospital. The next bus would not arrive until 10:30 am. I went to the cafeteria for breakfast, then went back out to the main entrance to wait for the bus. The bus was 5 minutes early. I was very glad to see the bus pull up. After I got back to my apartment building, I ran into a tenant whom had a birthday on the same days as mine. I thanked him for the card and snack that he had put by my door, on my birthday. He said, “I guess you forgot that you and I had a birthday on the same day. I mentioned to him that I had not forgotten. That was all that I said. In truth, I had been going through such a terrible time, during that time period, that I did not even think about acknowledging that it was his birthday. I bought a 8-pack of vanilla sandwich cookies and hung them on his apartment door, along with a belated birthday card. I hope it will suffice. After that, I went down through the “to-do” list that I wrote this morning, making phone calls and writing necessary correspondence. I thought that I would get on my laptop for a while and, well here I am!

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2 weeks ago

Good entry sounds like you had a very busy day

2 weeks ago

@bear70 It was do-able.