If my life were a tarot card.. it would be the tower… my whole world came crashing down.. my mother called CFS on me claiming CHILD ABUSE, mental health issues and substance use. The child abuse allegation was deemed unsubstantiated right away. Then I figured all I had to do was prove that I don’t do drugs and don’t have a mental illness and I could get my kids back.. but NO.. I have done over 20 drug tests and I did a psychiatrist assessment and they STILL are holding my kids hostage..  and to make matters worse.. my mom..  the person who MADE the complaint has them.. and my kids dad.. (who I have been staying with since CFS got me cut off assistance) are fighting..  and I can’t even look at him the same anymore.. 7 months ago.. I was happy.. and now my whole world has fallen apart.. I try to do everything I can… I spend Mon- Friday making phone calls and sending emails.. doing drug tests.. and preparing documents.. and attending classes.. but they don’t believe anything that I’m saying.. and they apprehended my newborn daughter..  I never even got the opportunity to bond with her.. and I have no one to turn to.. my best friend has turned into a stranger.. What do I do.. where do I go?? I’m lost.

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February 6, 2021

So sorry you are dealing with this! I know it must hurt