We Didn’t Start The Fire

So…. Moderna Day 4—shot 2:

Arm pain has subsided for the most part… I was feeling chilled and thought, eh maybe it’s cold in the house but noticed my son and my husband seemed to be not feeling chilled… okay… I didn’t take anything besides my normal morning medication (Celebrex, Corlanor and Topamax)… I didn’t take any Tylenol this morning.. I got up and got the dog out, made my coffee, put it on the morning news… played a little Animal Crossing while I drank my coffee and did some light yoga.

The chills persisted and I was feeling a little bleh… so I was like ya know.. maybe I should just go ahead and take my temperature… cause maybe it is me. Sure enough 100.1 … damn.  STILL.  I finished one 1 liter bottle of water and got an ice cold on out and am working on that one.  I’m covered cause even though I’m running a mild temperature I’m fucking cold….if that even makes sense.

So the mild fever and body aches persist… day 4.

Into other news… I’m paranoid again, my husband had to mow the yard (we live in a neighborhood with an HOA and there are rules)… and with it being so dry (we have a mild drought)… he also had to hose off the house cause it got dusty and they don’t like that either, they want the houses to be clean… and psychobitch next door is home… while he was mowing he could see her peeking through her window glaring at him and then out back smoking a cigarette and pacing and staring at him.  And now he’s hosed off the house… God forbid water get on her house… I’m internally freaking out that she is going to come over and start yelling at us again.

Our plan of action is to not react… just turn around and just go inside the house… not feed to animal so to speak.  I think that’s the best course of action….. cause she is a little unhinged and the best way to handle someone who isn’t stable is to walk away and not poke the bear.  I don’t need her going full metal jacket on us.  WE didn’t start any of this with her to begin with…all we did was water our yard…. that’s it…it’s like 4 entries back and I don’t need to rehash it.

I did react and generally as a rule I don’t but she was trying to incite my husband to hit her…. lord knows why.

But we didn’t start this shit and we are certainly not going to fan the flames… we aren’t mowing the yard to piss her off and we aren’t hosing the house off to piss her off… these are things that are kind of required by the HOA.  We’ve lived here since 2015… last thing we need is fined by them.  She’s renter so she doesn’t care, I own this house so I do.  Plus I want my home to look good, inside and out thank you very much…if she wants her yard to look like an overgrown piece of shit fine… do I like looking at it.. no but in no way am I going to call the HOA or anything, they do drive throughs the neighborhood…. so let them handle it.  Let her landlord handle it if he does anything at all but between us I think he’s scared of the bitch.

I think he got a tenant in there that he thought was the “perfect tenant” <–his words… and she turned out to be a nightmare and he doesn’t know what to do with her.  There very rarely is any such thing as a perfect tenant, every tenant has flaws…. he wanted a tenant to get along with his neighbors (fail)… to take care of his yard (fail)… to take care of his house (no clue there)….

But my son is watching his race… Nascar season…

His past week of school was interesting apparently, he was mistaken for a ‘stranger on campus’ two days ago… made omelets in nutrition class and while breaking an egg managed to get egg on the wall (how I do not know and he won’t explain how he did it and I honestly really want to know how he accomplished that task)…

I freaked him out earlier… he was flipping a coin and asked me to call out heads or tails and I got it right each and every time… I really like freaking him out like that it’s so funny…so I have some of my senses about me.

I’m making Beef fried rice for dinner…. 6 points on WW green… the recipe is in the link….


I have no idea how it tastes.. this will be my first time making it…. the pizza last night was delicious…the recipe is actually written out in the entry for you.

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May 5, 2021

Have the side effects gone away? I hope so! Interesting life going on here. I hope your neighbor finds someplace else to focus on. Seriously! And I think I am capable of getting egg on a wall. Not sure how, but if I manage it, I’ll try to remember to let you know!

May 5, 2021

@meexplorer I started to feel better the day after I wrote this, I haven’t been online much the last couple of days.. been a little down and out honestly.  Just tired of everything being the same… ya know.  We miss not being able to do some of the things we did before Covid. But stuff like the Aquarium and such are still not fully open to the public… my husband checked the aquarium and you have to book in advance and you can only stay for an hour and we used to go and walk around leisurely… just to look at things.  It sucks.

But today we went to the neighborhood pool, it was nice.  I got a good workout in and we had fun and on Saturday night my husband, son and I started playing rummy together… it’s also been fun.

She’s been focused on angling and re-angling her damn cameras..it’s driving me up the wall.

I still don’t know how he got egg on the wall…. it puzzles me to this day.  He won’t answer either.  Maybe it’s just cause I’ve been cooking for years and despite that I can muck up a kitchen while I am cooking… I do try to clean up behind myself… but I am a messy cook.  I made Mojo Marinated Flank Steak with peppers and onions for dinner tonight.

But thankfully the woman hasn’t said anything to us though I have this suspicion she posted her little cell video on the neighborhood social media page because some of the neighbors who walk by our house have been crossing the street and looking away from us, the thing about the video is it only shows the last 1/4 of the confrontation… of course.

But we have been taking the high ground and avoiding her since. Which we have been trying to do before that.  All it took was a sprinkler and a little wind to get her panties in a bunch.



May 5, 2021

@closetconfessions Dinner sounds delicious! I’m quite sure the whole neighbor nonsense will fade away; people’s attention spans just aren’t that long. And a sprinkler? Give me a break! You keep doing what you’re doing. I haven’t cooked in quite a while, which is very bad of me. And cooking and cleaning at the same time? I can barely manage either of those!