A Glee Moment and a q…

I woke up with this in my head. I love Kurt Hummel from Glee. 💕

Feb 21st – Have you ever had an emergency surgery?

Not an emergency one but yes, I have had one on my eyes. They were frozen at birth, so the drs had to I guess, loosen them?? I woke up in surgery… which left me with one frozen (essentially blind) eye and the other, more or less ok. I have been told that this (waking up in surgery) is a redhead thing bc we need more anesthesia?

I will post a vid of my eyes later. 

One funny thing, when I was playing the Sims 3, my Pixel phone identified the song that played on the load screen!! Ha ha!! Crazy eh?? 



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February 21, 2023

Oh yeah, I have a Pixel as well. I like that it can identify the songs it hears.

I have heard the same thing about redheads and anesthesia. I’m not sure how I handle it. The closest thing to surgery I’ve had was my wisdom teeth out.

February 21, 2023

@heffay Yeah… it’s a redhead thing. *winks*