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Feb 22nd – What is your least favorite beverage?

Water. Plain tap water. Yet, I need so much of the bloody stuff. I could get Mio or whatever but… yeah. Water.

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My 3 pet peeves??

  1. my goddamn neighbors esp Buddy who just roared off to work in his fucking 4×4.
  2. people who mispronounciate things like names and such
  3. cars that zoom in my pictures when I want to get a clear shot.

I am a bit depressed today as my mom had to rehome Leo. He wouldn’t like it here she said bc there is no space. Still, I’m going to miss that bun.


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February 22, 2023

Oh no, I’m sorry about Leo. He’s a very cute bunny. I’m sure she found a good home for him though

February 22, 2023

Oh no…Leo 🙁

February 22, 2023

Plain milk…I can only drink it with chocolate in it.