Upcoming month, making a new start

Dear Diary,

It’s been a while since I’ve posted.  Mainly because I have been going through a period of reflection and pulled myself away from a few things that I have enjoyed doing.

This month has been one in which I’ve tried evaluating my worth on the planet and where I stand where my social life and community life is concerned.  I largely took a break from doing my music and going to gigs as well as my photography to see where I fit in.

During this time, I have introduced one of my closest friends to Meals On Wheels to get him back into working in the community again after having to take several years off due to his physical and mental health problems.  It’s a real joy to see him get back into doing something for the community, as well as for himself.

My housemate got a payout from his insurance company due to injuries he had previously sustained at work and from a car accident in which he was out of action for a few years and could hardly get out and about.  Last night, another friend whom I’ve known for the last 16 years has been declared Hep C free after also having a bad past.  I feel really proud of her and can’t wait to catch up with her again to celebrate her new found freedom.

So I’m wondering when life will really straighten itself out for me?  I am trying my best to put myself out there again despite my problems with rejection from some corners of the local creative community.  This coming month I want to do what I can to get out of my shell more and be more careful and frugal with my money.  Apart from music gear, new material possessions are becoming less significant to me.  This coming month I want to contribute more diary entries, and keep in contact with friends a lot more.

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