Annnnd we’re off again!


Well, more knee surgery is on the books for October 6. I’ve been through PT again and it hasn’t helped at all. My knee is still buckling and going out, plus I had a full on dislocation a few weeks ago and again last night that completely shot any chances of getting my quad back up to strength. My knee hates me!

All of the tests, x-rays, MRIs, CAT scans have been taken and now it’s just waiting for the surgery day.

I’m having a distal realignment, or a Tibial Tubercle Transfer. What this means, is that my doctor is going to be sawing into my tibia and moving around the ligament that attaches to the bone so that I have better knee stability. He’s going to reposition the bone and ligament and then screw it back into my leg bone.

After the surgery, my OS is keeping me for at least 24 hours after the surgery. I’m getting a morphine pump (sweet!) and a hinged brace. Last time I had surgery I had a HORRIBLE reaction to the anesthesia and the nerve block so I have to schedule an appointment with the anesthesiologist. I’m going to go stay at my aunt’s for the first few weeks of post-op until I’m capable of handling a 4 hour car ride back to Roc. The Boy just started his PhD program so I’m wary about putting pressure on him to take care of me when I’m in that pitiful state, so it’s better that I have someone taking care of me that has to love me unconditionally Wink

I’ll be toe-touch only with crutches for 4-6 weeks, light and basic PT after 2 weeks, strength training after 6 weeks. Weight bearing as tolerated with with crutches at 4-6 weeks depending on how I’m healing. Knowing him he’ll go slow and steady with emphasis on not losing the little strength I do have left but not pushing it hard until it’s good and ready.

I’ve never been so nervous about something. I know it needs to be done, and I’m at the time (pain, unemployed, no kids, supportive family, great health insurance) that I need to do something. The job I had was for portrait photography and I can’t do it right now because of the severe heavy lifting (30-80lb boxes of equipment and lighting and standing for 9 hours with no break…plus elementary kids running around.) My last surgery wasn’t horrible in terms of pain, but this is a whole ‘nother ball park. I’m just so tired of the subluxing and being unable to do ANYTHING normal with my life right now. After 6 years of dislocations and pain and trepidation about doing anything active I’ve just about had it and need to do something to get back to ME…whoever that is.

I also wound up with a nice little head cold this morning. I have no clue how I got it. I’m hoping it doesn’t spawn into something more horrifying over the next few days!

We got all the pre-surgery/post-surgery nonsense figured out. I have a friend coming down to see me this week to kill some time. My birthday is this weekend, so instead of sitting and watching me drool on a pillow next week, The Boy is going to come into town for this weekend and bring me out to dinner, go to a haunted mansion, and hang out with me while I’m still mobile. I have my pre-op appointment scheduled for October 4th. General bloodwork, any tests my doctor needs to have done before the surgery. Then the surgery is on October 6th. My post-op appointment is scheduled for October 15th, which is when I will get my staples/stitches out.

I pulled my knee out the other night while rolling over in bed, and I’m still in pain but I’m thinking the tylonol I’m taking for the cold is dulling my senses a bit. I called my doctor’s triage nurse for an emergency script of pain killers. I have to stop taking anti-inflammatories and aspirin on Friday so I want something in case of emergency between now and the surgery! I’d hate to be left with no means for pain management so close to the surgery. I’m already in a bad mood as it is…haha.

Everything is falling into place. Now all I gotta do is shake this cold!







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