On the Road Again


Just a quick update…

I’ve been getting settled in Roc and not making any friends. Between work, setting up the apartment, and having no money I’m pretty much at a loss here. Other than that things are going great. Work is something that I’m enjoying 95% of the time. He seems to be liking my work so we can only hope that it means good things are coming! He talked to me the other day about a possible promotion in a few months and even sending me to a few marketing classes so that I can expand my knowledge and take over as office manager. His goal is to leave the office and have me run it on a day to day basis. How cool would that be? I’d definitely be willing to take on the added responsibility!

Tomorrow I have to work and then drive 3 hours to Albany so that I can get up early on Saturday and go to Boston with The Boy for a wedding. His friend is getting married and they’re doing an evening wedding. Formal attire. I got a great dress on clearance at Deb…which is shocking beyond anything I could ever begin to tell you.

On Sunday we’re going back to Albany and apparently going to a cook out at his parent’s house (oh joy) and then back to Roc that afternoon/evening. I’m pulling for afternoon. He finally defends his master’s thesis on Monday and the he’s heading back down to NOLA for his final weeks of AmeriCorps!

I can’t believe The Boy is almost done with NCCC. It seems like yesterday we found out and I had no clue how we’d make it through to August. But here we are…apartment rented and him on his way home for a quick weekend before wrapping things up and coming home the end of July. I’m beyond relieved and can’t wait for him to get here. It’ll be amazing to actually have him around and not for short spurts of time with extended periods of absence.

Well, that’s all…I gotta get to bed since tomorrow I have to be up early and finish getting ready for my very short but fun filled (almost all of it) weekend! 









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