Earth is a simulation

I laugh at how bad things get. It’s comical how living with a psychopathic kleptomaniac has changed the way I view the world, and even the universe. I attract women who are pretty, but completely tragic, and they think that somehow befriending me is a ticket to a perpetual rock concert, and they’re the rockstar.

You see, I’m a free spirit. I don’t give a shit what anyone thinks about me, except the person in the mirror. If I don’t love what I see, I do something about it. I dye my hair, get new makeup, buy a new dress. My carefree attitude attracts sad women like bees to honey, and it always ends up the same…a fight over money.

I’ve always had a good paying job. I’ve been in Sr. manager positions, and I do any job well. I strive for perfection in the workplace. I’ve made well over six figures at various jobs and never asked anyone for a cent, not even my ex-husband. I don’t feel comfortable asking for money, so I did whatever it took to be independent. Along the way, I’d meet these women. They’re attractive, have similar interests as I do, and they’re dirt broke. Either they have husbands that support them, or they live in a complete dump and still manage to find a way to get a designer handbag.

Me, I’ve been described as very nice and funny, but easily manipulated. I love to have fun, so I try to hit up as many concerts as I can. If you know how most seated concerts work, you have to buy tickets together if you are planning to go with someone. I am usually the only friend with a credit card or a working debit card. I always have to end up purchasing the entire lot of tickets and ask for the money later. Guess what? Nobody pays me back. Never. When I ask, it’s, “hey, so I can’t pay you back…” The worst excuse I heard was,”The tickets were too expensive and I didn’t plan on spending that much.” I told her how much they were and she had buyer’s remorse without backing out of the concert so I could take someone else. Our friendship ended on a sour note because she didn’t feel that she had to pay me back.   I was out $250 for her ticket to an all-day concert, front row center ticket. She had the time of her life, but decided she didn’t owe me a dime. I pursued to get the money, but she sent me a nasty email and decided to just cut me off as a friend. I thought I learned a lesson, but it happened twice more…worse than concert tickets this time. These women got craftier by the minute!

I’ll leave this here, and come back with the story of Cobra. Yes, she was named after a snake. Can’t you wait?

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June 10, 2021

I can’t wait….. 🙂

June 10, 2021

@sayda me too!!! I’ll write more tonight