Get me outta here!

We’ve already established that my roomie is an ancient evil entity that crawled out of some toilet out in the desert.. I dunno, I tried to sound raunchy. Finally, other people in her life are catching on. I no longer feel like I am pointing to something that other people do not see. My bf saw it immediately, without question, and knew I was telling the truth. My mother, on the other hand.. it took her a while to see it. Now, her son and her friends that she doesn’t even know outside of a phone call are starting to question her lifestyle and are not putting up with it.

With the $4,000 she owes me and the fact that she still refuses to look for a job, I came to my wit’s end and ended up arguing again. She makes my blood boil to the point where I say things I normally would not say to ANYONE. Bad things. I created a spreadsheet that was itemized so she could see visually what items I purchased that she owes on. At first, she seemed to agree, but then started arguing about taking care of the cats and scooping litter. THREE cats are her’s and ONE is mine, and it’s a kitten. My kitten literally shits pea-sized poops in the pan. Admittedly, I do not scoop daily, but roomie was trying to find an excuse not to pay me the $4,000 she owes. Not scooping cat shit does not equal that amount of money. She seriously thinks I am stupid.  She also just got an EBT card to buy groceries, and we had an argument about buying soda.. I told her that buying soda and making it a priority over meat and vegetables was not a good decision. She has done this a few times and spent maybe $12 on soda and skipped buying essential food items. Of course, since I’m the bad guy, she said that I drink more soda than her. FUCK. I wanted to tell her: Yes, I drink more fucking soda because I am trying to stay awake working ALL DAY to keep your mooching ass living here rent-free. And yes, I drink soda to stay awake because I am up ALL NIGHT with anxiety about what you will pull next on me.

So yeah, the frustration is real, the anger is very real. I recently visited my friends, who said that they would do anything to help but really can’t.. and that’s okay. People should have the right to freedom and live their lives without helping a damn soul if they choose to do that. Me, on the other hand, was forced by law to live with this idiot, and I have no freedom or feeling of safety. My health is deteriorating right now because I stuff my face to soften the pain of anxiety. But hey.. I can’t do SHIT and the roomie knows that, so she’s taking full advantage.

Her son is upset because she doesn’t have a job. FINALLY he’s said something. He’s pissed. So, she asked her friend for money… a friend she hasn’t seen in 25 years…and he called to tell her she needs to get money on her own. Thank you!! He did give her some, and he sent her a box of expensive hair products a few months ago, but that shit has come to an end. Someone with a brain exists! I couldn’t be more excited. Her response to this push back on her crap??? For her son, she says she wants to send him a list of all the money she spent on him growing up, which does not excuse you to live a lazy lifestyle and burden others, now does it? She’s currently trying to find a date on a dating app… so she can eat. This gets good…

Last week, my apartment was a revolving door for sexy time with strangers! Yayyy. The first guy that came, he was very well dressed and spent over $250 on dinner and drinks!!! Since she is a master manipulator, I can only imagine how she managed to get the guy to buy the most expensive wine on the list, and she probably ordered two appetizers, and she most likely had something on the menu that was over $30. I know this because she has done this to ME, but I refused to buy wine.. but she’s good at ordering EXTRA shit on the side while she spouts out her order. She fucking upgrades shit until a chicken breast item becomes just as bad as the lobster price, and then you can’t stop her with the waitress standing there because it is TOO LATE. My friends scoff at me and tell me to take control of the situation, but until they are there seeing this in action, they have no idea how this all goes down. Anyway, long story short, the guy apparently messed around with her and went home that night, and BLOCKED HER the next day!!! Talk about buyer’s remorse! The very next day, another guy comes over, and I have no idea what they did, but he hasn’t called back. I saw a guy run out of her room, grab the wine he bought and book it out of the house a few months back. It is a sight to see!!

The shit I have to deal with is the aftermath… the “why do guys do this to me?” bullshit. I haven’t told her the exact truth on that yet. I just listen to her whine and I nod my head. Her last relationship, wasn’t really a relationship, he came over maybe 2x per month. He was cheating the entire time when he said he was not, but ended up buying her a beautiful ring right before he broke it off. I am 100% sure she guilted him into buying that ring. He never called, never texted, but I’m sure she threw it in his face. Not saying he is innocent, but she put up with his behavior for a year. He’s 15 years younger, and I already knew he was too young to deal with her shit.

With nobody to turn to, she’s feeling the pressure. She’s feeling everyone’s anger. When I get angry, she apparently records me yelling at her to show her son. With those recordings, she sends a message that she doesn’t feel safe and thinks I could kill her. Just putting this here, because if something does indeed happen to her, I didn’t do it. Yes, I am angry and want my money, but I would not kill someone over $4,000. Give me a break. I’ve never threatened her, except I do get loud when I yell. All I am asking for is payment and for her to leave me alone come November when the lease is up. I will get a restraining order because I do not want this person near me again after this is over.

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July 28, 2021

Hi, how are you doing? Well I hope I can share my opinion on this, in life we all have a lot troubles we face in life, and sometimes we have some sets of people around us that we just have to learn to manage their behaviors, sometimes what they do will be frustrating but before we let it push us to do something stupid we should find a way cut it out stylishly.

So I think you should be careful and don’t get too mad before you lose yourself and something crazy.

I hope we can talk more about it.

Take care

August 3, 2021

@jasonblake33 I understand what you are saying about losing myself. When someone pushes your buttons and takes your money, it is hard to keep myself intact. In fact, my friends have said they would have punched her… well, you can’t do that! Maybe back in the 30s, I could have taken her outside for a good old fashioned brawl. For now, I wait…three months to go.

August 3, 2021

@eleven-11 I’ll like to talk to you personally about this if you don’t mind, there’s an idea I will like to share with you. (631) 371-4143 here you can text me if you don’t mind. Sorry for what you’re going through. Jason Cares

July 28, 2021

You certainly are having a time of it. How did you get ordered by law to live with this idiot? I’m a bit confused. Hang on till November though, if it is indeed over. I hope you get your money back, but it’s been my experience in things like this that you will never see a dime of it. All you can do now is take care of you… buy your own stuff…. hide what you can in your room… lock up what you can. Make her go buy her own stuff. If you weren’t ordered to pay for her, then don’t.

August 3, 2021

@caria We both entered a lease at this apartment, but this lease does not make one person accountable, it makes us equally responsible. If I would have entered in this lease on my own, I could have legally kicked her out myself… long ago. But because she has experience working the system, and has done so for maybe over 10 years, she knew that entering the lease with me she could stop paying rent at any time and we’d both get kicked out if it wasn’t paid in full. She thought I made enough money to handle the entire rent, which is not true. The rent is $3,000, which is more than I can handle on my own. If I leave, I will have to pay about $6,000 plus moving costs to get into a new place, which is very unrealistic for me. Breaking a lease is not a good thing! I asked her to leave and she laughs in my face. She is fully protected by law and she can do whatever she wants until Oct 1 when the rent protection ends. She doesn’t have much time to get her shit together. If the rent isn’t paid by Oct 1, then we will get a warning to pay, and eventually an eviction notice. I will have an eviction on my record for someone else’s scam. The money will have to be paid to the landlord or we will go to court. Then I will still be responsible for 50% of what she did not pay, which is completely insane. She now has government assistance for food and has been paying me back by using her card to get me food. BUT.. it’s about $50 worth of food. Not much. I’ll definitely keep the story updated as we go along.