Why do I feel doom?

Roomie, oh Roomie, why do you scare all the boys away? She had ONE that visited three days last week. Three days is a record. He seemed to genuinely like her, but it seems that she may have told him something about ME that was unfavorable. I think she told him that I yell at her and she is scared of me. Reason being…there was one night on the way home from a bar where my GPS fell down and I asked her to put it back up because I was driving. I was more buzzed than I thought, and my emotions were getting out of hand. She is NO good when it comes to emergent situations (I nearly drowned last year because she didn’t think to offer me the paddle on the boat that we were rowing. DUH. Long story.) She gave up and said she didn’t know how to put it back. I was literally on the freeway and did not know where I was going. I was really pissed and she called up the guy, I’ll call him Iver. She starts telling Iver that I am being scary and driving crazy. It made me more pissed than I already was. The GPS was still not mounted, and I was becoming more irate by the second. I started yelling, and she started screaming at the top of her lungs. I had to mount the GPS myself because she is completely useless.

Iver came by and I was somehow expected to cook and entertain for them. I made some really good BBQ and side items, and I got to know this guy, who seemed pretty young.. I am thinking 30? Maybe younger. Keep in mind, Roomie is 50. As the night went on, I think Iver got the hint that Roomie is fucking nuts, and that whatever she told him about me wasn’t true or wasn’t the complete picture. Yes, he heard me yelling at her, but he wasn’t there, and he doesn’t know my frustrations with her. We all ended up going out that night, he drove. Roomie was being annoying and drunk, and although I was drunk, I was able to communicate normally, and I know that Iver felt like I was a decent person that had control over my behavior. He said he was coming back to visit the next day, and he blocked her. Another blockage for Roomie!

She’s currently on her phone, chatting with anyone from the several dating apps on her phone. That’s all she does the entire day. She has no more friends, everyone blocked her after she asked them for money. All she does is wait for me to get off work (I work from home). She sits right by my door and waits for me to open it. If a certain time frame goes by, like 6 pm, and I haven’t come out yet, she will try to come in. “Are you hungry yet?” Every. Single. Day.

Roomie is about 40 lbs overweight and she eats chip, dip, cakes and ice cream daily. I got into the bad habits with her because it was comforting. I am in a stressful relationship where I don’t know what is going on with Sin half of the time..so I get in there and eat with her. I have been backing off lately and would love to get into shape. Sin follows a bunch of fit women on social media, so I dunno, maybe I should try to get cute too. I was last year! I was doing so well with my fitness, then it happened over my birthday week that I started getting hooked on sweets again. I gained 20 lbs in a short time and I have not been able to get that off.

I am going to crawl in bed for the 10 minutes I have left before Roomie starts banging on my door.

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