So i was volunteered to paint another home. By myself. All the rooms.

I was hesitant but he did pay and promises more after the race on Saturday.  I’m not holding my breath but i sure hope so.

I know it would have costed at least 8 or 9 to do it all and i expect at least to see over a grand for it.

We shall see but if jack burns me, thats it. I am giving him a chance but i really hate his brother for acting the way he did last year to me, calling me a liar.

Nope nope nope.

Not gonna deal w that drama.


Speaking of, my bro is still in jail and so is the dead beat.

Except, his pic isnt up, yet.

I think once hes sentenced, he should be. That will happen in may, i think.

The kids have off til tuesday.

Im making dinner this weekend, moreso on sunday for my mom.

Otherwise i wouldn’t celebrate.

Did the easter hunt

She was not having it but at least got a pic w the bunny.

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