escapades of the sexual kind

please tell me that wasnt it.

I mean , it was great. he is always delicious. And there is something about raw unprotected bare back sex or whatever you call unprotected sex  when its with someone you are crazy about. I loved taking every bit of it in but I didnt get it like i need

When I have sex since I birthed my last and 6th child – it was a c section my one and only. I aways say the doc dd something to my vaginal nerves bc I can now have multiple orgasms where  never could i even fathom that. Now I defintely need to have two orgasms per encounter. They became more fierce more intense since that c section.. So yeah he came home and we sent the kids to the park. He sauntered back onto the couch and basically said Suck my dick.. In so many ways.. no shirt cargo shorts with the clickable type belt. you know the type, the ones that are so annoying to hang up on an belt rack ? that type of belt..  Hot fact of the day: no man can sit in front of me lean back no shirt with that 5 oclock stubble swag and not expect me to want to undo thT belt and hop on that. the ritual of undoing a mans belt is so exciting it makess me wet to think of


When i go about getting ready to get off- there are two types of rituals  it is like a special type 0f thing..I have my own rituals leading up to it,.even after almost ten years of marriage, i still get all dolled up before i know i am about to have some fucking fun. Im defintely brushing my teeth , taking a soak in my newly acquired garden tub to half get in the mood, and half to clean my pussy out lol , candlelight oh yeah. Now if Im going to fuck myself, hell yeah Im still going to get all seductified to think about making it

I consider myself good looking( I daresay  hott at 45 lol) and while I am nowhere near perfect, thats whats so hot about it. And I work hard to attain what I have. I know I have no boobs,always been a 34 a always will be a 34 a. But I have a gorgeous curve from hip to thigh , a beautiful set of dimples in my lower back that leads to that bubble booty . A boob man will not marry me.. or if he does hes sure to divorce me, and so he has (Raul) Most guys who are into my look are what I have been told are labeled as “ass men” or “Leg men” Ive got long layered flowing auburn hair and what has been called ligh brown eyes and a “cat smile” Cat as in I tend to show all my teeth when I smile.. Surprisingly I will tell you a secret. I am missing 7 teeth but nobosy can really tell thank God, bc they arent in front..ONe tho is on my left upper side so I just tend to take all my selfies from the opposite side when I smile . I had to have some teeth pulled over the past 4 years bc root canals are too expensive and even when I went to try to pay for one  Icouldsny get it done bc my dentist had to refer me to a endodontist bc my fng root is not only is it like $2500 per tooth its time consuming and a pain in thr ass  I focus now on keeping up w cleanings every 4 mths and getting my cavities filled when they appear as soon as possible. much mre smart to pay  and fix a $170 problem than a $2500 one! dam tangents  My ADD is out of control  So I get myself ready I pick out the hottest little thong I own and the nicest body spray AFTER the bath Im already with my blood pumping through my veins Bc I know im gonna fuck and Im sorry but that always feels like sch a freeing thought  i love taking sexy or x rated selfies I have a whole library of them and i am proud of quite a few.. I recently experienced a surge ub ny sex drive too bc i been working out hard since MArch.. I started on L Carnitine supplement and ive changed my look I have way more lean muscle and way less fat .. I been hitting the gym every other day since sept 2020 and started going hard on weights about 5 mths ago.. The changed make me happy and feeling so sexy


That reminds me !  Speaking of rituals regarding sex !!!My ex hsband used to joke around with me God that seems like ages ago! Ex husband #2 it was, he would quote I think it was some rap song when we would talk about sex. and he would have all me laughing every dsingle time! I cant for the life of me recall who the HELL sang this ridicoulous line but he would see me like gearing up for sex and would say


im sitting here on the couch next to my dear Present husband as hes playing X Box , hes looking at me typing away on the laptop trying to figure out what it is that can be so ridicously funny lol !!!  Its not like I am going to ask him “Bae, who sings HO GO HOME and Wash OUT UR BEAVER” I would be mortified, first of all Im never calling my vag a BEAVER.Nope Never not gonna happen,

I mean why would i even call it a pussy? Its nowhere near as hairy as a cat ! Come to think of it.. And I certainly do keep a landing strip since Im such a 90s girl, but who in the hell would call it FUR??  as in ….CAT? I will never know! Here we go on  a  tangent again-

I mean, back to earlier tonightwhen he came home   “it” was great, but i need to get off twice during any sexual encounter. I wasnt always this way. I could swear that something happened to me after I birthed my last child. My orgasms got more fierce more intense but also the need to have 2 during each encounter was almost a necessity

the first one has to be oral. Bc i almost feel more open inside and can be more in a mental mindset to do some positions tht normally might hurt because I have some slight issues with my vag   its not too serious known about it for years. I have a tilted or retroverted uterus. What does that mean for me and my sexual escapades? that if Im in certain man dominating positions I mayu have a hard time with feeling his dick up to my ovaries, lol thats pretty much what it means! So i am happy I didnt want no big 10 inch cock. never have

i only enjoy average but I love that girth. I like it thick . not a stump now dont get me wropng I dont want no short fat dick but I love average w some girth I can wrap my hand or lips around

Now im pleasantly waiting for round two tonite  Im promised another orgasm , as the first oneI had tonite was just a tease  he was deep inside me and my hand was pressing on my clit as I took my hips in slow circles when I was moving on top right into a wave of a beautiful screaming orgasm of the “oooooo jesus mary and joseph” variety.. I am catholic so I rend to do the catholic thing when cumming is particularly good ! He was ‘shhh” me the whole time i was cumming.. I said i wantt o to let it gooo why can I nit be vocal.

I find when I fuck myself if I just really breathe the right way and allow myself to feel the fucking feelings the vaginal orgasm is the best thing next to heaven. you dont Always need to rub the clit to be satisfied,, my husband knows this too bc I have as i call “hands free ” orgasms with him quite often.. He controls his load and I love that about him he always makes syre I get off

but I def need my second cum tonigt. I need to curl some toes and feel some fireworks go off deep inside my body. i love connecting bc hes not a man of many words this always makes it feel connected and feeel allright

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June 29, 2021

“Dopeman” by NWA 😉

September 11, 2021

Hey lovey I finally got on here, love you and love that you’re writing again. I could literally read you for hours, always have loved when you update. I hope all is well love. I keep saying I’m going to try to keep this updated but you know how it goes. But keep it up and I’ll be reading for sure 🙂

March 29, 2023

You sound like a sex addict.
The  way you describe everything in such vivid detail makes me think you are the type who cheats. In essence, fantasizing about sex with other people while in a relationship IS cheating. Sadly, I imagine many women do this. I say women, because it seems much more a wish thing than a make thing. It begs the question: why even be in romantic relationships? Is it merely an antidote to loneliness? If so, that is not only inauthentic , but downright deceptive.

relationships  seem so fake and meaningless to me. If I’m honest, I think we are all just animals of lust. I don’t think love is real. I never have.

I suppose that’s what depresses me most about life. It’s nothing but a brief blip on the time continuum, whereby we fuck and pass on our genes….then the body rots she no longer useful.

We’re nothing but nature falling apart.