Well today is day 2 of my depression. It has hit so bad this year. I know i should not be saying i am sorry alot.But it is how i feel i am suppose to be.My best friend is pregnant and i am so happy for her.It is a new baby i get to spoil and enjoy spending time with.She says we are going to be co mommies. lol. It makes me happy.I just have fears and i know i probably need to reel them in. I am doing my best on a daily basis so i can get through each day.It is just as the day gets closer it is harder for me to deal with.But i have an awesome support group and am so proud to call them family.

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February 12, 2019

This will pass in no time…..Just take care of yourself and always be around those you love.

February 13, 2019

I hope you are feeling more yourself soon, I’m sure you can see past your fears and see the goodness in your life!