Where is my Gilbert?

Ever since I was a little girl, I have had this obsession with Anne of Green Gables.  I have read all the books, watched the movies with Megan Follows over and over and over again, visited Prince Edward Island to visit the Anne of Green Gables house and fell in love with the new series Anne with an e.  I think I am so obsessed with it because I have always related with the Character Anne.  She embodies everything I am, want to be, strive to be, and believe that I am.  Others have always had a hard time understanding me, I’ve always been the odd one out, a little strange and different then others.  People have never hesitated in pointing that out, and I’ve always prided myself in being different.

My brother years ago displayed the best way to describe how different I am and I have continued to use this visual to explain to others.  During a family dinner at my Moms house he pointed out her dining room chairs, that all look the same and said that is everyone else, they aren’t exactly the same because nothing can be exactly the same but they are similar.  He then pointed to this bright green antique arm chair that my mom has in her living room and said that was me.  I just smiled because he couldn’t have described it any better.

I am very impatiently waiting for my Gilbert, which if not familiar with Anne of Green Gables is her love interest.  I completely understand he is a fictional character, but everything he embodies is what I look for in a man.  Someone who will love me, respect me, treat me as an equal, non judgmental, accepting of all people no matter where they come from, caring, honest, and someone who will understand me ( or at least try to).  Someone I have things in common with but will also embrace our differences.  Others always tell me I am picky, but I am really not and I give most people a chance, but its hard to find a man these days that will accept me the way I am and not expect me to jump into bed with them on the first date.

I have watched too many of my friends rush into relationships, and Marriage.  They end up unhappy or giving up on their relationships.  I don’t want that to happen to me.  I won’t settle.  I come from a broken home and watched my parents give up way too quick, rebound too quickly and end up in marriages that aren’t filled with love but more a companionship.  I have also watched them regret giving up on each other too quickly but too much time has passed now for anything to change.  I know my Gilbert is out there and I will continue to wait.

Where is my Gilbert?

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May 12, 2020

I loved Anne and Gilbert. I could never watch the new Anne series because Megan Follows is the only Anne. I cried when Jonathan Crombie died.

@soldis I cried too when he died! I also thought I could never love any other Anne of green gables either because I am not someone that likes change. Once I find something I like or connect too that’s it but I finally gave it a chance when it was in its third season and I watched a couple episodes and it hooked me. I would give it a chance, it was way better then I expected. I still love the Megan follows version and it will always be my favourite but Anne with an e was really good. If you decide to give it a chance give it a real chance and not just a couple episodes you have to watch at least the first half of the first season kind of chance. The third season is the best though!

May 13, 2020

Um…are we long lost siblings? Or the same person in two bodies? I too have an Anne obsession. How was visiting the Green Gables house on Prince Edward Island?! Was it worth it? I feel the same way you do. My friends say I am picky, but I would rather be alone forever then settle. Hopefully someday we find our Gilberts! ❤️

@hannah_banana0012 Lol it’s amazing to find someone else that gets my Anne obsession! visiting the Green gables house was amazing but it was a long time ago now and I plan to go back. I hope we both find our Gilbert’s one day too 😊

May 13, 2020

I think it sounds great to be the bright green antique arm chair 🙂

@thediarymaster thanks me too 😊