Dear Diary,

You’ll never believe the crazy thing that has happened to me. Cupid has a sense of humor. With my last entry I told you about talking with my ex. Things have been going pretty well with that, but I’m not sure I really want to start a relationship up with him. By the sounds of it, all he’s really interested in is a physical relationship, and that’s just not me. I want to be friends with him, but not friends with benefits. For now, we’ll continue talking and I’ll see how things progress.

So, here is for the crazy thing. I shop at my local grocery store at least 2-3 times a week. Well, last Wednesday I was shopping for things for a baby shower I was throwing at work. Well, I was looking at gift bags when I noticed one of the assistant managers walk by a couple of times staring. Well, I thought maybe he thought I was spending too much time in the aisle I was in and he was growing suspicious. I admit, I was in the aisle a long time, but only because I am ultra picky about gift bags and gift wrap and bows and ribbons. I was just making sure everything was perfect. Well, before I know it, the manager came up behind me and said hi, and then asked me if there was anything he could help me with, which I replied no, thank you. And he said okay and went on his way. A normal interaction, I thought! Well, in one of my earlier entries, I mentioned that I had tried a dating site. Well, because I am lazy at times, I haven’t deactivated my account. Maybe a half an hour later after the interaction with the manager, I received a message from the dating site, and IT WAS HIM! He recognized me and wanted to say hi. He wanted to say more as well, but he was nervous. We’ve talked a little on the site. Sunday, I saw him at the store again and we had a more extensive conversation and now we have a date next Tuesday. This guy is quite interesting and I enjoy our conversations.

So the conundrum, do I stick it out with the ex and say goodbye to the manager guy, or do I give the manager a chance and kick the ex to the curb for once and for good. I don’t know… This type of thing NEVER happens to me. 

Okay, Diary, I need to try and get some sleep. Until next time!

Your Friend, 

That Girl


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April 16, 2019

Hi there,

I was wondering. Would it be possible to do both? Stay friends with your X and give the new guy a chance at least. Then see how you feel after the date 🙂  Hugs from Turtle~

May 4, 2019

@turtles Well, I tried the friend thing with the ex, however, he kept trying to do the friends with benefits thing, which I have no interest in whatsoever. And I realized how much of a jerk he actually is, so I said bye bye forever to the ex. I am now dating the manager guy and am the happiest I’ve been in quite some time. He’s amazing! 😀

April 18, 2019

I say give the manger guy a chance. I wouldn’t go back with ex, he’s your ex for a reason.

May 4, 2019

@sweetie04  You are right about that. There was so much about my ex that I truly do not like. He’s a nice guy, if you don’t know him. I realized that I know him and, well, he really isn’t all that great. Especially the way he broke up with me to begin with.

I chose the manager guy. We’ve been dating for almost 2 weeks now and he makes me the happiest I’ve ever been. He truly makes me feel like I am beautiful and worthy. Honestly, I have never been with anyone that made me feel that way. I can’t wait to see where things go. 😀

May 6, 2019

@hiddensadness that’s great to hear, so glad for you.