Is It Worth It?

Dear Diary,

I know it’s been a while. Not too much going on besides going to work, eating, showering, sleeping, and repeating! I never knew adulting could be so boring. UGH!

Well, okay, there is SOMETHING new going on in my life. So, I keep running into one of my ex’s. Like literally he seems to be everywhere these days. We broke up like 8 years ago. It wasn’t a messy breakup or anything. We were just going different paths of life and we knew it wouldn’t work out. It was a clean, mutual breakup. Last I had known, he moved out of this city to be closer to where he works. Turns out, he lives here again. I know this, because I just sent him a Facebook message. It was something short and simple like “Hey, I’ve seen you around and just wanted to say hi”. Nothing too crazy. I wasn’t thinking of like dating him again or anything. Since I reached out to him, almost 2 weeks ago, we’ve been talking nonstop. We’ve kind of talked about maybe giving “us” a try again, but taking things very slowly. I found out he’d been through quite a messy divorce! It has been so damn nice talking to him again. All the feelings have been coming back. Diary, the butterflies are back!! I didn’t think after 8 years, I’d still feel this way for this man, but he does something to me. 

I’ve promised myself I’d leave my ex’s alone though. I normally don’t believe in giving second chances, but for some reason I want this. I just want to know, is this worth it? Maybe we won’t be on the same path still. After his divorce, will he ever want to marry again? I want to get married. Does he want anymore kids? I don’t want kids. I don’t mind him having a kid, but I personally do not want them. One day we’ll talk about that, Diary, but not now. I guess I’ll just see how this all goes and what happens. A lot has changed with the both of us since we were together 8 years ago. Maybe this time it’ll work out. I told my sister today that we are talking again and she got pretty excited. She really like him when we were dating. And, well, I suspect she had a little crush on him as well lol. I don’t deny it, he’s a hottie, with really nice arms (I’m weird, I am an arm girl. A nice set of arms are a turn on!). 

Anyway, Diary, that’s all for now. I’ll try to get back on sooner rather than later! 

Your Friend, 

That Girl

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