And so it began …

Initially I friended him on FB and he accepted my friend request. Then, the next day, we weren’t friends anymore. Curious 🤨  It was a Saturday morning when I messaged him on messenger the first time. He replied and we messaged for a bit. He mentioned his faith a few times so I gathered he was a religious man. Admirable to me as I myself consider myself very “spiritual”. We ended that days messages and for the next days, I had him on my mind often.

The following Saturday, I messaged again and he quickly replied. After a few exchanges he actually asked if he could call. I said yes and he did. We spoke for several hours that day. Talking, reminiscing, laughing. It was nice. I told him that after last weeks messages I had thought about him daily and he said he had done the same. It was so easy …. so comfortable.  I think that we exchanged messages from that point on daily, but we didn’t speak again until the following Saturday. My husband golfs on Saturday mornings and at that time his wife worked so we spent our Saturday mornings with each other for hours.

We had a lot in common …. we enjoyed a lot of the same things. We shared pics of our pets, our plants, our grown children, so many things. He was my happy place. There was never any lulls in our conversation, we always had things to talk about.

I remember to this day something he said after talking just a couple weeks. It was just before Valentine’s Day and I asked him what he was doing for his wife for Valentine’s. He told me and called me his secret Valentine. I know it sounds corny, but it made me smile. He used to send me a “girlfriend box”. The first box was so so amazing to me. He had clipped flowers from his garden and wrapped the stems in damp paper towel and put them in plastic baggies ♥️ They were actually still alive when they got to me. He had also included a coffee mug that said, “you are my sunshine”.  I could never send him things tho because he was to worried his wife would find them. My husband isn’t the most observant and never questioned any of the things he sent me in the various “girlfriend boxes”.  We made each other happy. I know he wasn’t very happy in his marriage. His wife had had an affair about 5 months prior to us starting to talk. I think I filled a void, just as he filled a void for me. It’s hard to understand I’m sure, I actually get along very well with my husband, but he’s gone a lot. When we are together, we do get along well.

5 years. We shared this life of …. I love you, girlfriend boxes, phone calls, FB messages and shared pictures of our lives for 5 years. I honestly thought it would be forever. I wondered if we’d be living our private love affair when we were 80. Life without him was something I could never imagine.

Then eventually things started to change …

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March 12, 2021

As they are bound to. 🙁

March 12, 2021

@dustbunniesandghosts I suppose. Sad but I guess the nature of the situation. It truly was just such a wonderful 5 years. I never thought it would end. I know that sounds ridiculous coming from a grown woman.

March 13, 2021

@hisdiscarded I hear you. I have someone whom I still love… it hurts like an SOB.

March 22, 2021

@dustbunniesandghosts it truly does hurt like an SOB. Funny ya know, for the 5.5 years we had our online emotional affair, we never once saw each other in RL. I’m not allowed on his FB and his wife doesn’t really post on hers, publicly at least. He has an IG for his dogs, which I actually set up for him, but he rarely posts on it. The only contact we have is if I message him on FB messenger, which I’m trying not to do and he will “like” the posts I make on my pet IG account. I guess I should count myself lucky he’s kind enough to acknowledge them at all. So I have not seen his face in so long. Today his wife posted a video on her FB. They are here in Florida visiting their kids, but they are 2 hours from me. They come here several times a year to see family. Anyway, they were out on their sons boat today with their dogs. She filmed their kids, the dogs and then panned to HIM driving the boat. It was so triggering. I told him I had given him up for Lent ….. his reply to that was a 👍  As if to say …. Good … leave me alone. He’s always polite, never mean, but In a cold, casual, nonchalant way. A way that makes me feel …. I don’t really care if I hear from you at all. Anyway, I felt like I had been doing well with not messaging. I have been trying to focus more on MY husband instead, but seeing him today in that video. Guess how many times I’ve watched it? Sigh 😞  I miss him all over again and he probably never even thinks of me.