Recap of last year and half

June 26, 2022. Home

What an eventful last 18 months!

  • I had a blast (and bunch of stress as well) in my last job
  • Resigned and tried to have a go at my own startup [and decided I will not attempt a startup anymore]
  • For the first time if my career didn’t work for a paycheck for 1 full year. It didn’t kill me, what a surprise
  • Started teaching online part time at a top university. Aiming to do it on an ongoing basis going forward
  • Job search: 5 months of back to back interviews, one of the most stressful phases of my career. Finally looks like things are landing, fingers crossed
  • Mom had a severe health condition. Good thing she is on the path to recovery
  • I listed to lots of spiritual songs, cried a lot, felt a lot better, connected with myself like I had never done before. I love and respect myself more than ever. This has been the most successful outcome of my career break
  • Lots of self-reflection, reflection on last 25+ years, and learnings that I will document [and make sure they stick

Looking to the future with lots of “carefree optimism”. And intensions to GIVE. And vibrate at a resonant frequency. Thats all life is all about.


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