About me

A lot of times people make this mistake that I am ignorant. I’m not! I am just shy! But it gets worse when people think I am talkative and can’t get me to shut up…for five minutes.  It took me forever to learn how to look people in the eye! (Thanks to my voice and diction teacher at Washburn and all my friends!) Also, that I am pregnant. I would love to have a baby right now, but I am just happy being an aunt. My excess weight has to go somewhere, and for me it’s my stomach. I keep getting memos when I get my blood tested and it turns out my cholesterol is a few points too high anyway.  I have to lose 10 pounds anyway! But like most women, and men for that matter I struggle with my weight! And it’s only women who say that! Guys don’t even bring that subject up! That is just so ironic. Really ladies? It’s hypocritical as well! I can’t say anything like that to you!  You don’t even know me! You don’t know my size! You don’t know how hard I have worked at jazzercise! I have even started cooking at home! I hate how women degrade each other. It’s disgusting.  I hope someone agrees.




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