Entry 792: Unnamed

Work seems better today. No more emails, but I still don’t want to be here.

Yesterday my wife and I went out with some friends. They’ve just gotten married and part of the present we got them was 99 date ideas. All colour coded in tiny little message bottles, wrapped up like scrolls. 

The first one they pulled out was “Find somewhere nice to sit and people watch” or something like that. So we got a message asking if we wanted to double date it and go to a local pub.

Honestly it was really nice. We spent nearly 3 hours watching people, eating, drink and talking. It was very nice.

We also got them a scrap book to put all their dates in. I’m excited to see what they do with it all. They’ve told us that they’re going to send us a photo each time they pull a bottle out.

I can’t seem to figure out how to add photos to my entries anymore, is that a paid for thing now? When I figure it out, I’ll add the pictures of what it looked like before they opened any.

Wife is feeling better today. A bit of a stuffy nose, but she works with children all day every day so I’m not sure what we expect. I’m starting to get a bit of a stuffy nose now too.

I’ve only just got over a cold. I don’t want another one!

I got two new tattoos on Friday too. Just adding pieces to my shoulder/sleeve. It looks very good, I like it, but my days, is it itchy 😂

I have to do some Scouting stuff soon. I’m meant to be off for the next two weeks (just happens how my shifts have fallen), so I need to do a visit to the cub packs in my district. But I’m also in the process of being there for my group too. Especially since we’ve just started back up since 2020. 

I wasn’t able to make it last week, or this week, due to work. I got a phone call from one of my leaders, the roof is leaking into into side room. Great. Okay.

I got in contact with the Line Dancers who come in after us and they phoned the club manager. It was a huge relay of phone calls and a pain in the backside since I was stuck in work and couldn’t do anything.

We managed to get in contact with the club manager ourselves and we cancelled Cubs for the night.

Once all parents had been told, either by the group WhatsApp or in person because they didn’t see the message in time, one of my leaders video called me to show me what was going on.

She told me everything that had happened. One of the cubs parents said their child was really disappointed and they were annoyed that they had to sit in all that traffic just to have to turn around again. My leaders said that Cubs could run because of safety concerns. The parent and child wanted to see the leak and my leaders said no because its a healthy and safety concern.

This same parent apparently wants to talk to me and will “talk to me next week” meaning this week. Well, unfortunately, I’m not there this week either. 

I asked the leader in charge for the weeks I’m not there to say that all leaders know everything so how can she help. If he still wants to talk to me, he can give me a text and I’ll get back to him as soon as I can but I am currently in work on a 12 hour shift. If it’s important, and he can only talk to me, he has to wait until next week. And even then, I’m unlikely to talk to him alone.

Always take backup to protect ourselves. We don’t get paid, we’re all volunteers, always protect one another.

I hope you’re doing well whoever you are reading this.




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