First day. Yay!

Hello, everyone! This is my first time here and I think I’ll be staying here often to vent out my thoughts when I don’t have someone to talk to. I also compose songs whenever my negative emotions tryna eat me whole lol. I’m kinda glad that I found a place where I can share things and not just on myself, which I can look back to. Oh, btw you guys can call me E. It’s a short one cause I’m sort of lazy in talking sometimes. If you happen to see this post of mine, feel free to leave yours and don’t hesitate to add me because I don’t have any friends here as of now. I wanted to keep in touch with you all lol.

Anyway, these past few days were good to me. I’m not being attack by my anxiety lately though, I’m still staying up late. I do hope I can bring back my body schedule to normal Hahaha!



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May 22, 2022

I hope you like it here! Enjoy

May 22, 2022

@kaliko Thank you! I also do hope so 😊🤗

Hey E, I’m Sammy, howzit? What’s new? 😀 Hope you like it here. 😀

May 23, 2022

@sambucathedestroyer Hello, Sammy! Nice to meet you. Haha, I’m trying to learn how this website works lol I’m starting to like it somehow. Thank you!

@journe If you need help just ask, I don’t bite… hard. LOL

May 23, 2022

@sambucathedestroyer Hahahaha! LOL I’ll take note of that.

@journe *winks* Heh… 😛