The Girls

was a great week, we have a new girl living with us. Apparently we saved her life? Parents live in meth house caused by them and the moms pregnant and still using with 3 or 4 boys under 8 in the house with a boyfriend they are untouchable. We saved her and shes flourished. She loves my food, lol thats all i need. My other middle aged youngster shes a little taz for sure, and love her to death. She got a bit lost thanks to my wife’s ex and a officer in this town. They stomped her SAFE down to nothing. Isnt this crazy? I apparently according to any service is crazy and yet I raised a fasd girl on my own pretty much for 16 years. I think its im a man? These kids will be safe and if i can sacrifice more of whatever I have left to these kids I will. Not many boys need help we do get theĀ  odd one every few years but never any real need to ask for them, but we always say hi and ask how they are. The girls are preyed upon and its gross. all under 16 and they are fed to the slaughter of lions and you see it daily. They are prepped to get a angry old drunk husband and cook and serve while the man supplies their drugs. Not much i can do its poisoned all the services and they respond mostly “well they shouldn’t dress like that” WHAT? yeah thats what they told me? who the hell are these people and where did our values go? I missed it somewhere they vanished and young girls in our town became the target. I dont know what the hell to do anymore from ex husbands sending angry teenagers to beat and stab my wife while 9 months pregnant or police officer buddies of the ex alienating a little girl out of hockey with her dad. That little girl is gone now, after the hockey incident she vanished and someone new continued on whom i love even harder now because she needs a safe anchor. Just hey did you get to school? or how you doing toay? and i can get a long conversation about boy troubles or being “ghosted” lol love it. But hate it all, where did our values go? I dont drink at all, I dont do any fun stuff I do have a puff though but thats more of mood stabilizing to me and Im prescribed it still. I love them and life is bs for them and i see it. and these fake people in charge in our little city are real dirty and the dealers even work as substance abuse councilors . wtf is anyone going to do?

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