30 Things To Show Appreciation To The One You Love

Everyone needs those, lifting words of encouragement to know they are doing well especially when you are in love.  Couples, shouldn’t be pointing out the flaws they see in the other person, flaws are supposed to be those cute, quirky things your partner does that makes you keep falling for them over and over again. Unfortunately, most of us forget to say these words of encouragement often and this causes the chaos. We are so stuck on the “perfect” version of the one we love, overlooking the most amazing things they do, right before us everyday. Instead, we become rather critical. To keep the love going, I give this article ” 30 Things To Show Appreciation To The One You Love” to be reminded , daily, what we really want and need and hopefully to make love thrive. 


1.)  Are they good with kids?  Have you noticed how playful they are, gentle, kind, sweet? You know the stuff that makes a mother or father figure? If so, a beautiful way to let them know is to say “Hey, I noticed you are really great with kids and that makes my heart smile. You make me smile.  Thank you.

2.) Have you looked around the house lately? Have you noticed they picked something up? Cleaned something?  Another way to show this appreciation is by saying,  “I noticed you took time out of your day, to clean up. That blew my mind. Next time you want something done, let me help you. I would love to.”

As I am still in the process of what to write next, I hope you stick around and hopefully it will be helpful.


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