Miracles 18: I am grateful for my body

Fearful thought: My body is too big.  The skin around my belly is too loose and saggy.

Miracle-minded Response: I recognize this thought as cultural conditioning.  Because only “perfectly” bodied women are featured in the media.  Because I watched my mom stop dressing her body because she didn’t like it.  I acknowledge that my body is amazing and perfect as it is.

Fearful thought: My breasts are too small.  My body could be categorized as “full” or “plump” if only I had proportional parts

Miracle-minded Response: Bodies are made in a billion different shapes and sizes and this is how mine is shaped.

Fearful thought: My skin will never be even or clear.  I look like I can’t take care of my face.  Like I have a bad face.  Bad skin = bad.

Miracle-minded Response: My skin is normal.  We hide our face and pretend like unevenness or blemishes only happen to some, but that is not true.

Fearful thought: Another baby would “ruin” my body.”

Miracle-minded Response: But another baby would be awesome!

Fearful thought: If I work out more, I can lose weight.  Being skinny matters.

Miracle-minded Response: Being thinner does not make me like myself

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July 12, 2019

You are perfect because God makes no mistakes. Well done!! And the women we see plastered in bizarre slenderness everywhere are mostly airbrushed and computer tweaked… very few humans look like that.

July 12, 2019

Some of the most beautiful people I know fit none of the traditional definitions of beauty.