Car update vol 1

I called Geico this  morning, it’s a no go that this kind of damage would be covered under my current insurance.  I was told I needed a certain added Maintenance something or other

So that was how I started my walk to work, trying to figure out my next steps should this whole mess not be covered by my warranty.  I have thoughts about contacting Jiffy Lube corporate, and working from the top down. Filing a complaint with the local location that worked on it I think is a non-starter.  Based on my conversation with the manager, I don’t trust them whatsoever.

I then heard from Kia.  I figured that if they took longer they were deliberating.  You know if you’re on a jury and everyone agrees quickly if someone is guilty or innocent, it’s a quick verdict?  This was my hope with my car, the longer they took, the likelihood it was all going to be ok.

Nick said that the inspector wants to have them remove the oil pan, and would like my authorization to perform that work, several hours worth.

The money meter keeps ticking along. Mind you if it’s under warranty I don’t believe I have to pay for that

I now wait until they do that inspection, and hear their determination.  Nick said they could ask to have the whole engine broken down, 17.5 hours of labor ($ ding ding $ $) to find the point of failure. Again, this is in the hopes that they can have it be covered

I have my cool rental for now, and I’ll drop it off Saturday.  I just have to be patient, and I am saying a LOT of mantras.  Thinking I should add the Ganesh mantra now too, in addition to the Green Tara mantra.  Remove those obstacles elephant boy!


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August 8, 2019

I still think Jiffy Lube should be paying for all this…This is what I call running a business and making everyone happy…But then I am just a decent Canadian…..

August 8, 2019

everyone wants to blame the other side

August 8, 2019

ps I hope you can figure out who has to pay